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5 stars

“Michael helped my husband and I with switching over our current insurance to a cheaper more affordable plan. We were with our previous broker for 5 years and with Michael’s amazing customer service and expertise he saved us over $700 a yr. He made it a very easy transition and thankful for all the hard work he did for us. Definitely would recommend talking to him and let him save you money like he did for us.”

February 23, 2021 by Todd & Susan (ON, Canada)

Una Roy

We didn’t side with the adjuster.

When ice damming caused an unexpected water feature in the middle of Gary & Cathy’s kitchen – the three weeks worth of extensive repair work required the couple and their two daughters to move out.

The adjuster said their insurance would only pay for hotel rooms. Una called the insurer to argue otherwise.

When it was all said and done – the family moved into a fully furnished apartment, complete with a dinner & movie night out – on us.

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Defenders of Honour

We exist for one reason – to do the right thing. Period.

In our world insurance is about more than pumping out quotes, hitting quotas or clocking claims – anyone with a heartbeat in our industry can do that. Doing the right thing is about how we live our story with honour, and it changes the way you think, serve and act.

Doing the right thing speaks to everything we do as a team when it comes to insurance, community and choosing the type of insurers we want to work with. It determines the principles that guide us, it reflects the steps we’ll take to help our customers, and it serves as the anchor for our strong belief in giving back to people.

Whether it’s sharing advice that might surprise you, being there when you need us, or making life a little easier when you least expect it – we’re there. Being ‘Defenders of Honour’ isn’t about always being profitable, and it doesn’t necessarily make us popular with insurance companies during a claim – but at the end of the day we’re okay with that because we all agree it was the right thing to do.

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