Una Roy We didn’t side with the adjuster. When ice damming caused an unexpected water feature in the middle of Gary & Cathy's kitchen – the three weeks worth of extensive repair work required the couple and their two daughters to move out. The adjuster said their insurance would only pay for hotel rooms. Una called the insurer to argue otherwise.

When it was all said and done - the family moved into a fully furnished apartment, complete with a dinner & movie night out - on us.
Jeff Roy We didn't recommend the lowest price. Jeff checked rates with six different insurers and discovered we could save Joe $185 annually - then he told him we didn't want to do it. Because after reviewing his old policy limits, and finding out that Joe had a teenage daughter learning to drive - Jeff knew immediately that he was under insured.

Joe actually thanked him when he suggested he should pay a little more.
Ken So you have a few driving infractions... When Matt came to us with three speeding tickets in hand looking for an auto quote, he figured Facility was his only option. Rather than jump to conclusions or make assumptions, Ken took the time to dig into the specifics. After learning that Matt drove daily for work, had a stellar driving record for years, and a bit of recent bad luck – he made a few calls and was able to get him approved at regular rates.

Bottom line? A few driving infractions doesn’t make you a criminal.
Paul We grabbed the bull by the horns. As most farmers know, it's next to impossible to find a farm policy that magically covers everything – it often requires a sharp eye and a bit of legwork. So when Steve got word from the Company that some of his equipment would require a different policy he came to us looking for help. Paul read Steve's policy from top to bottom (several times) until he found the wording he was looking for, and then went to work building a business case that saved $431 a year.

Might not sound like much, but it meant the world to Steve.
Andrea We wanted to make time - work faster. After patiently waiting the obligatory 20 minutes to register your car for another year - it hit you like a bag of bricks. That little pink card wasn't in your pocket, it was sitting in the car's glove compartment. Pull another number? No.

At Excalibur Insurance we believe you should never have to wait, waste time or sweat the small stuff. It’s why we invested heavily in real-time 'make you smile' mobile solutions.
Cathi We refused to push cookie cutter. No matter how big or small - every business deserves more than a quick ‘one-size-fits all’ approach when it comes to tailoring coverage, assessing risk and finding the best fit when it comes to price. In fact it’s what Rebecca appreciated most.

That Cathi would take the time required to understand her business, ask relevant questions - and then present her with a custom rate as part of an easy to understand package.
Caitlin Are you getting a fair price? We believe people shouldn’t get caught paying through nose for insurance - and we're willing to prove it.

Submit your name, email and renewal month and we’ll contact you once and offer to give you a comparative quote when you’re renewal date is 3 weeks away.
No selling or filling your inbox with unwanted emails. We send one reminder email only. Just a simple way for you to double check - that what you pay for insurance is fair.
Carol We donate 5% of our profit back to the community. We do things for others without expecting anything in return. Although we donate tens of thousands of dollars a year, Carol will be the first to point out it’s not about the money. It’s about being part of a larger community that cares. The countless hours volunteered, the hugs and the smiles - all given freely in the hope of making a difference.

That's our kind of community.