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If you’re already paying for Auto Insurance then you might actually be losing money by not having Tenant’s Insurance or Renter’s Insurance in Ontario.

Renters Insurance and Tenants Insurance in Ontario these terms both mean the same thing; coverage for you and your stuff whether you’re living in a rental home, a condo, or an apartment.

So, here’s how you can actually save yourself money by getting Renter’s Insurance in Ontario. Most Insurers give a 5% to 10% discount off your auto insurance by buying a Renter’s Insurance policy. That means, from the $250 you’re paying every month you could be saving $25. Some Renter’s Insurance policies can cost you as little as $18-$20 per month. Now that you’re sipping on the fancy $7 coffee you just bought with all the money you saved, let’s talk about what you actually get with the Renter’s Insurance you’re basically being paid to have.

7 Ways to Save Money and Hassle with Renter’s Insurance

1) Replacement Cost

You might not think about your stuff as expensive, but imagine if you had a fire and had to go replace all of it tomorrow.  It seems like a lot if you have to buy it brand new, doesn’t it? Thankfully, Renter’s Insurance policies in Ontario come with Replacement Cost.  That means the insurance company will pay to replace your old stuff, with new stuff.


2) Liability Insurance.

Anyone at any time can be hurt at your place. If the injury is serious they can sue you for millions.  Liability Insurance covers you, and can even pay your court costs in the case of a lawsuit.

3) Additional Living

Imagine the fire we discussed earlier. Now that living in your place isn’t an option you’re stuck paying for a hotel until the damage is repaired or you can find another place to live. With Renters Insurance that will all be paid by your insurance until you can move to a new place.

4) Get Smart Advice.

You left the bath running, the water overflowed, it got into the walls floors and electrical. Your landlord isn’t just angry, they’re coming after you for the money to put it right. Thankfully with Renter’s Insurance you’re covered.

5) Building Your
Insurance History

The longer you’ve had insurance, the more reliable your insurance company will think you are. It’s a similar reason they give discounts on auto if you get Renter’s Insurance. The more history you build the bigger of a discount you’ll get when you eventually buy and have to insure a condo or a house.

6) Identity Theft

Renters Insurance policies in Ontario have coverage included to assist should you be the victim of identity theft. This is becoming a more and more common problem and can cost a fortune in time, headaches, and cash to put right.

7) Your Landlord
Stays Happy

This one will save you a lot of hassle. If your landlord requires proof of insurance, and you just haven’t got around to it yet- you can get cheap tenants insurance in a hurry here. The website lets you quote and purchase a policy online right away

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If you want more information on renters insurance or tenants insurance check out our click coverage page here, or check out our Renter’s Insurance video.

So, if you have car insurance the policy could be free or discounted, you can protect all your stuff and, you can cover yourself if you damage your place or your neighbors place. It doesn’t matter if you have a rented home, rented apartment or rented condo – renter’s insurance gives you the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family. You get to keep your life on track should you have a fire, theft or any other type of problem.

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