Home Insurance

5 Common Seasonal Home Insurance Claims

June 13th, 2024|

Summertime is the time for fun, memories, and family - not home insurance claims. Here are 5 of the most common summer claims and some prevention tips.

What to Consider at Mortgage Renewal

May 30th, 2024|

With many homeowners already balancing car payments, monthly bills, and saving for retirement, your mortgage renewal is an opportunity to reevaluate your financial goals.

Will Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

February 29th, 2024|

Does a standard home insurance policy cover your home's foundation if there are any damages? In this series, we go into what your home policy will and won't cover.

Will Home Insurance Cover Mold?

February 22nd, 2024|

Standard home insurance can cover any number of perils. What about mold? It's icky, sticky, and toxic to our health. In this article, we explain.

Homeowners Insurance For Second Homes

February 9th, 2024|

Owning a second home is a feat in and of itself, but how do you insure it? Surely it needs to be protected. Read on for how to insure a second property.