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Learning From Farm Accidents

October 31, 2014


Nobody likes farm incidents or mishaps to happen to their farming operation. However, operating a farm is a risky and challenging business. Farming technology is changing farming and with it comes new and different risks. For a sense of how much technology and innovation has changed farming  check out this article on the 20 technologies changing agriculture.

Like everyone else farmers learn by doing and from the experience of others. In this blog we are going to review a couple incidents that happened ,so that we all can learn from it and be aware of things that can happen to your farm operation. If you aware of what can happen it allows you to manage your risk.

Company Pays Fine After Worker Injured

Willow Hawk Farms, a small family farming operation based in Ontario, was recently fined $18,000 after an auger injured a worker last April.

While sweeping soybeans out of the auger, the worker’s clothes were caught in the auger, causing a laceration and soft tissue damage to the worker’s leg.

Willow Hawk Farms pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable precautions and comply with the auger manufacturer’s instructions, which state that no one should enter the bin unless power to the auger is disconnected and locked out.

Dairy Farm Experiences Loss After Cow Abuse Video Surfaces

Chilliwack Cattle Sales, a British Columbia-based dairy farm, faces potentially devastating financial losses after Saputo, Canada’s largest milk producer, said it would no longer accept milk from the farm.The announcement from Saputo comes after video was released showing employees from Chilliwack abusing cows, as well as showing footage of cows with open wounds and injuries.

Diary Farm


Tractor incidents are the leading cause of death and injury on farms. Workers on farms are especially at risk from rollovers, tipping and highway incidents.

One way to prevent worker injuries is to inspect farm vehicles for safety guards, seat belts and rollover protection structures. To learn more about tractor safety and to discuss managing your farm risk contact Jeff Roy of  Excalibur Insurance Group today at 800-361-1072.

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