Renters Insurance - It's More Affordable Than You Think.

Renter’s Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

October 19, 2021


You might not want to climb into the bullpen because you don’t want to be chased around by a pair of horns. You may also decide not to jump into a rushing river in the middle of winter because it’s not a great place for a swim. There are plenty of good reasons not to do things. But blowing off Renter’s Insurance because you wanted your weekly cappuccino isn’t one of them.

Renter’s Insurance is a negligible price to pay next to massive coverage for if the worst ever happens. It’s easy to assume that even though you aren’t responsible for fixing the damages to your unit or apartment, you don’t need insurance. That isn’t true. If anything, renters can’t afford to NOT have renter’s insurance.

You Can’t Afford NOT to Have Renter’s Insurance

Your landlord isn’t just going to hand you thousands of dollars to replace an entire apartment full of your ruined stuff, just to be nice. Your landlord has insurance, sometimes referred to as the “master policy” that covers common areas and the physical structure of the apartment building or house. Unfortunately, this does not include your belongings. That’s on you.

Best case scenario? You move back in with your mom, hoping your landlord’s insurance company does not take you to court to recoup their loss.

With Renter’s Insurance, you would receive compensation to replace your belongings (not just what you paid for it, but what it cost to replace it with brand spanking new items), and be put up in a swanky hotel somewhere (until you can find a new place). On top of that, if you were to be sued for personal liability damages – you’d be covered.

Your Belongings Cost More Than You Think

“But I don’t own that much,” you might be thinking. In case you did not know, many people undervalue how much it would take to replace their personal belongings. Even if you think you have only ever made small purchases, they add up over time. Suddenly, you’re left on the hook for all your replacement costs at once. Consider this: your clothes, your electronics, your appliances, etc. If there was a fire, you’d be shocked at how much money it would take to replace everything as it stands today.

Renter’s insurance takes care of the unexpected costs and ensures you aren’t left in the hole for potentially thousands of dollars. Many people aren’t able to pay for these unexpected expenses alone, which is why renter’s insurance can help.

Renter’s Insurance Also Protects You Against Identity Theft

Most home-related policies will also include coverage for cases of identity theft. This can include coverage for expenses required to restore your identity if it is stolen up until a stated limit. You may also have coverage for credit card fraud. Due to the ever-increasing prevalence of these crimes, it makes sense to guard yourself against them.

Because renter’s insurance is not necessarily required, you may be left to deal with the expenses of recovering your identity on your own – which can be a lot! Don’t risk it. Renter’s insurance does not need to cover the physical structure of where you live – whether that is an apartment or a home – and so it is much less expensive than other “home” policies. In fact, some renter’s policies may only come out to a couple hundred for an entire year of coverage. That’s like going out to a nice dinner once a month – except your local Italian-themed restaurant won’t reimburse you if your ukulele is stolen.

Renter’s Insurance Quotes – Made Easy

Having renter’s insurance is affordable and it can save you a fortune if the worst happens. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming your landlord will repair the damages and you don’t need insurance, they are not responsible for your belongings or your liability. Purchasing renter’s insurance will set you back even less than the monthly total of all your daily coffee runs and it can give you peace of mind. When everything goes wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to know somebody has your back?

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