Intact Insurance is Going Paperless

You Will Now Receive Renewals as a PDF Email Attachment

Intact Insurance is making a move to paperless in October 2020. Their reason? To reduce mountains of wasted paper that end up in landfills – and to minimize rising operational costs (that ultimately get passed along to customers). 

PLEASE NOTE: Intact Insurance will continue to mail a paper copy of your pink liability card(s) if you are receiving an Auto Renewal.

Excalibur Insurance can Request a Paper Copy on Your Behalf. Auto Policy Liability Cards will still be mailed to you.

If you still wish to receive a paper copy of your Intact insurance policy, please contact us at, and we will make the request on your behalf.

Excalibur Paperless Solution Makes it Easy for You!

For customers who like the idea of reducing their environmental footprint and increased convenience – Excalibur’s paperless solution gives you the ability to access your policies, carry your pink slips, file claims, and update your insurance coverage on your desktop or mobile phone – anywhere at any time. 

In addition to accessing your Customer Account on your computer or tablet, you can also access on your smartphone by downloading our mobile app.

Go Paperless. Download our Mobile App on your Smartphone.

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