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Part 1- Where the Money Goes

Insurance Brokers vs Insurance Companies, Part 1

October 25, 2021


You’ve just purchased your new car after weeks of searching for the right model at the right price – and you’re beyond excited to have the keys in hand. Unfortunately, now you must fork over your hard-earned money for insurance. But with so many companies to choose from, how will you know if you’re getting the best coverage for the best price? Now comes another tedious journey, scouring the Internet and comparing quotes for the best possible coverage plan.

But there’s a better option.

In this series, we will be breaking down the differences between working with an insurance broker vs working directly with an insurance company. We begin by showing you how your quoting experience can be improved – and greatly streamlined – by choosing to work with a broker.

An Insurance Broker does all the work for you.

Filling out online profiles and calling different Insurance Companies for quotes can be as frustrating as it is time-consuming. When you work with a Broker like Excalibur Insurance Group, they compare coverage options and prices from more than 10 of the top Insurance Companies in Canada.

Insurance brokers also get to know you personally, so they are aware of what you are looking for. A Broker like Excalibur Insurance Group also has access to quotes not available on the general market, so they can help you to get the most competitive quotes around.

An Insurance Broker gives you multiple options.

If you call an Insurance Company like Geico, who do you think they’re going to say has the best coverage for you? Brokers like Excalibur Insurance Group serve you rather than the insurance company, meaning that they get you what’s best for you – with options from multiple different Insurance Companies. Because Brokers are independent, it allows them to shop the market to find you the best coverage for the best price. Brokers also offer objective advice about what insurance coverage is the best for your situation because they are not paid to endorse a certain company.

A Broker saves you more than just money.

Your time is valuable to you. A Broker spares you that time you would otherwise have spent scouring the Internet, searching for options when you could simply have a Broker do it for you. You’ve already spent the time closing on a new home, purchasing a new car, etc. – why waste more of your precious time? Your Broker has years of experience doing the shopping.

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Part 2- The Claims Experience

Part 2: The Claims Experience