Insurance for

Campground Owners

Insurance for

Campground Owners

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario Campground Owners Protected
with coverage packages you can understand and afford.

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario Campground Owners Protected with coverage packages you can understand and afford.

How do I protect

my campground & guests while being smart with my dollars?

As a seasonal resort or campground owner in Ontario, you’re well aware of how much your guests adore camping. You’re responsible for ensuring their safety and security, which is why we at Excalibur stand by Ontario entrepreneurs every step of the way. Whether you have a peaceful lakeside retreat for retirees or a bustling family campground with all the amenities, you deal directly with tenants and their trailers and equipment, which can sometimes lead to accidents or perceived loss.

But with Excalibur, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll carefully assess all possible coverages to protect you from significant loss. You need insurance coverage to safeguard your team, specialized equipment, and more, and we’re here to help make it all easy to understand.

We always keep these items front of mind

You need customized coverage options

We help you prioritize the liability coverage options that protect you if a client or other party takes legal action against you or your team. You can keep working confidently, knowing you have adequate coverage for your needs.

You need the flexibility to do business on your schedule

We ensure you can access real-time proof of insurance certificates and make changes to your coverage when it makes sense for you, after hours, around the campfire, or on a quick coffee break.

You need to know we’re a handshake away.

The only thing better than our coverage is the commitment of our Excalibur Defenders – who double-check coverage and champion small business owners at every turn. If you need us, we’re there.

Where can I save on Campground Insurance?

Your campground is unique and so are your coverage needs

You have options, we understand that every campground is unique and we’ll help you build the protection to match. As your Campground grows you’ll be encouraged to offer more services and amenities tailored to your customer. Rest assured that our campground insurance can be customized to consider all of these risks and more.

Host Liquor
Liability Coverage

Restaurant and Snack Bars

Trailers and Mobile
Homes Listed for Sale

Blanket Business Interruption
& Additional Extra Expense

Showers and Restrooms

Conference and Meeting
Rooms / Special Events

Crime (Including
Employee Dishonesty)

Commercial General
Liability Coverage

Convenience Store
and Propane Sales

Online Waiver Solution

Equipment Breakdown

Swimming Pools
and Water Parks

Limited Pollution –
Sudden & Accidental

Guest Transportation

Cabin Rental Operations

All Risk including Earthquake
/ Flood / Sewer Back Up

At Excalibur Insurance Group, our commercial insurance specialists help you manage risk using our unique risk and rate control process. Only buy the coverage you need; you have different options to consider, and we can help you evaluate and understand them.

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1. We review common insurer pain points.

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2. We leverage our risk prevention expertise.

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3. We strategically package your submission for a quote.

we can protect:

The range of professionals in the Campground and Seasonal Resort industry is varied, and professionals in the field have a wide range of service setups, responsibilities and tasks. As an industry with increased demand and changing regulations, you face new risks and exposures daily.

Our team of Excalibur Defenders is there to provide business insurance suggestions and advice on managing your risks as a campground owner. Feel free to reach out if you are a Seasonal Resort operator and don’t see your business listed.

  • RV Park
  • Tourist camping
  • Seasonal Resorts
  • Seasonal campgrounds
  • All season campgrounds
  • Family campgrounds

OR, Just give us a call and speak to an Excalibur Defender

Let’s Begin with the Coverage You Need to protect your RV Resort or Campground.

Our Excalibur Insurance Brokers might ask a lot of questions – for a good reason. The wide range of services and duties your team may provide means you face several different risks and exposures. Our team wants to ensure you have exactly the coverage you require. What happens if a storm damages customers’ trailers and pads, or if potable water is contaminated. Have you clearly defined responsibilities and risks with a waiver or customer agreement?

You should consider a few areas of concern when reviewing your coverage as a campground owner. While we will review specific coverages below, these main categories are especially relevant to your industry.

  • Liability Insurance
    Running a campground can be a risky business due to potential liability issues. In the event of accidents, owners could face costly legal battles. Thankfully, Excalibur Insurance recognizes these risks and offers comprehensive liability coverage to protect your business. Our policies cover various scenarios, including bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage claims arising from campground activities. With this coverage, you can rest easy knowing that your business is financially protected in case of any unfortunate events.
  • Property Insurance
    Protecting your property and structures from risks like fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters is essential as a campground owner. Excalibur Insurance offers comprehensive property coverage to safeguard your buildings, equipment, signage, and other physical assets. From your office to cabins to recreational facilities, our policies are designed to ease the financial burden of unexpected events, so you can focus on providing an exceptional camping experience.
  • Business Interruption Insurance
    You can feel confident that your campground is safeguarded against unexpected events like bad weather or natural disasters. Excalibur Insurance offers Business Interruption Coverage, which means you’ll be reimbursed for any lost income, ongoing expenses, and costs incurred while minimizing the impact of the disruption. This coverage ensures that any unforeseen disruptions won’t hurt the long-term financial success of your campground.

Your ideal coverage will depend on your business size, annual revenue, your services, how many spaces you have, and more. Excalibur Insurance Group can help you find the appropriate coverage for your circumstances and help preserve your business’s bottom line.

While you may only need some of the coverages listed below, it’s worth getting familiar with how your business can protect itself. A well-protected company is reliable – able to confidently care for clients without fear of ‘what ifs.

Here are some Commercial Insurance Types you should consider for your campground business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability, or CGL, is the most basic form of business insurance coverage. It may cover a campground operator from accidents both in-and-outside of regular services. This includes lawsuit expenses due to incidents of slips and falls, structural collapse, or other incidents.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a brick and mortar spot your business calls home – you might want to protect it. This coverage protects your business premises against losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects and other ‘named perils’

Business Interruption Insurance

Many small businesses are not insured if something happens where they need to temporarily close due to a claim. A fire, flood or break in may temporarily halt business and create serious cash flow stress.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial “Umbrella” Liability coverage extends the limits and coverage of your Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance capacity. It acts like a shield moving to fill gaps that might exist in your individual policies.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects the equipment your business depends on from sudden and accidental, physical damage that requires its repair or replacement.

Crime Insurance

Commercial “Crime Insurance & Employee Dishonesty” coverage helps protect businesses of all scale and scope from losses due to crime that can occur within or outside your organization.

Commercial Auto & Fleet Insurance

Commercial Auto coverage ensures that any vehicles used by your business, occasionally or full time, are protected in the case of an accident.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance helps cover expenses when your network is hacked, or your data is stolen. It can include coverage for extortion, crisis management, and business interruption expenses.

You deserve an insurance broker who leaves nothing to chance, wants to save you money – and is willing to tell you the unvarnished truth.

OR, Just give us a call and speak to an Excalibur Defender

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