Commercial Property Coverage

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Commercial Property Coverage protects your business premises against losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects, and other ‘named perils’.

Without Commercial Property Coverage, most business owners in Ontario would have difficulty bouncing back from a significant loss in terms of replacing their building, equipment and inventory, furniture, appliances, and other physical assets.

Commercial Property Coverage is almost always customized to fit the specific requirements of your business.

Commercial Property Coverage can look very different depending on the options you purchase, but typical it offers protection for losses or damages due to:

Commercial Property Coverage often insures a variety of physical items, including the following:

  • Inventory, supplies & equipment.

  • Office furniture & fixtures.

  • Employee’s personal property while on-site.

  • Tools & equipment, even while in-transit or off-site (for commercial use).

  • Lighting, windows, fencing, landscaping, & signs.

  • Technology such as any computers & other electronics.

  • Customer’s personal property while on-site.

Which business are you?

Are there any Commercial Property Coverage extensions available?

Your risk exposure as a business, your comfort level and the cost of various coverage options are essentially the three variables that need to be properly balanced. Once you’ve got all the relevant information and facts – you simply need to decide which path is best for you. Something you’ve likely been doing as a business for years.

How is the cost of
Commercial Property Coverage determined?

The cost of Commercial Property Coverage is determined by variables including:


The materials used in the construction of your business, as well as their condition, age, fire-resistance.


Your business category – for example a restaurant may experience higher rates due to the increased chance of kitchen fires.


Crime rates in your area.


Proximity to fire station or emergency centers.

How can business owners lower risk as a strategy for reducing insurance costs?

A commercial insurance broker is your best resource when it comes to providing you with actionable insight to keep your Commercial Property Coverage affordable.

Reducing risk and taking action to minimize the chance of loss for each of the variables mentioned above produces tangible savings. While not every risk can be avoided, many are easily mitigated or reduced – including security protocols and/or security systems and proper orientation of employees.

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Common Commercial Insurance Categories

Real Estate Developer

Retail Enterprise



Garage Repair Shop

Professional Services

Medical Services

Lawyers & Law Firms

Fleet & Commercial Auto

Wholesaler / Distributor

Landlord / Rented Dwellings

Food & Beverage