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The only thing better than our online experience, is the commitment of our Excalibur Defenders – who double check coverage, and champion small business owners at every turn of the wheel.

Coverage Options for Contractors

Interactive Coverage Map

What do I need & where can I save?

Coverage You Need to Grow Your Business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance
No matter what kind of work you do, this is the one type of insurance that every contractor needs to have. This can cover anything from a fire from electrical short to a water loss. Many jobsites will not let you work on them unless you have this liability insurance.

Completed Operations Liability Insurance
This covers you, should someone sue you alleging that your work failed and caused damage, even after you have left the jobsite.

The Coverage You Probably Should Have:

Loss of Income Insurance
In the event of an insured loss to your business, like a fire or other disaster, this insurance coverage will pay for your lost income to keep your business going until you are back up to full strength.

Other Coverage You Might Want:

Property Insurance

As a contractor odds are you have tool and machinery either in your truck, at the jobsite or at your shop. These are always in danger of theft or other types of damage. Depending on the number and cost of the tools and machinery you have you may want to consider a floater to cover these items. There are options depending on their age for replacement cost coverage. If you own or rent your shop there is coverage available for that as well. If you have any questions you can always contact your broker who can walk you through your coverage.

Installation Floater

No matter what type of contractor you are you will at some point have a high dollar value of property that you have installed, or is sitting at a jobsite prior to the completion of a job. Copper, Wiring, Building Materials, and Cabinets – are all subject to fire, theft or other damage while on a job site. Contractor’s property insurance will not cover these items, so an installation floater is nessesary yo protect your property while at the job site.

Auto Insurance

The auto insurance needs for contractors is different from personal auto insurance. Personal auto insurance is not designed to cover when employees drive vehicles or when the vehicle is transporting goods to and from a job site. There can be issues in the event of a claim if a contractor’s vehicle is insured on a personal auto insurance policy. The contractor’s vehicles can be grouped together on a fleet insurance policy or can be insured individually depending on the usage and drivers of the vehicle. The good news is that often contractors auto insurance can cost less than personal auto insurance.


The only thing better than our online experience, is the commitment of our Excalibur Defenders – who double check coverage, and champion small business owners at every turn of the wheel.

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