Get rewarded for healthy
driving habits.

We’re pleased to launch our Driver Applause TM – an initiative that will essentially serve as a treasure chest of options to help drivers further reduce their premiums.

Our first offering under this new initiative is Intact’s My Driving Discount Program.


How it Works.

• Program designed to reward good driving behaviours.

• A small telematics device is plugged into the OBD port of your car and records your driving behaviour.

• Results are based on 3 factors, which are evaluated in relation to the number of kilometers driven:
Hard braking / Rapid acceleration / Time of day the vehicle is driven.

Who Wins?

• Safety conscious driver who would like to be rewarded for their good driving behaviour by paying a lower premium.

• Drivers interested in feedback on their driving behaviour, and want to improve their skills.

• Young drivers 16-25 years old.

The Better You Drive, the Less You Pay.

• Immediately get a 5% enrollment discount if you take out a policy with a participating insurer.

• Earn up to 25% discount at renewal (minimum of 180 days monitoring required).

• Customized auto insurance premium that reflects the way you drive.

• Your premium won’t increase based on the data collected.

• Small, easy to install device.

You can’t be penalized if you want to simply try it out – there’s absolutely no downside.”

-Jeff Roy