24 things you need
to know to protect
your ASSets

At Excalibur Insurance, we believe protecting your assets (and your loved ones) should be made simple.

This book is all about cutting through the BS, eliminating confusion and removing unknowns when it comes to all kinds of personal, business and life insurance.

It just seemed like the right thing to do. If we provide a nugget or two of gold and help people like you in the process then it was worth it.

• How insurance companies work.
• The good, bad and the ugly.
• Protecting your stuff.
• Looking after your business.
• Taking care of the farm.
• Pros & Cons of Umbrella insurance.

Jeff and Una Roy (along with their team and partners) have helped protect thousands of clients during the last 25 years. As champions of community, and partners in a thriving Excalibur Insurance Group – they decided to pull back the curtain and give you the inside scoop when it comes to simplifying insurance.

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