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If you’re finally taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, the last thing you want after a great week of travel is to come home to a flooded basement or a ransacked house.

Nowadays, cars can virtually drive themselves. Thanks to many high-tech features, your commute has never been as easy, or as safe. These added safety features include

Many people assume that the friend’s insurance will cover an at fault accident, but the truth is in many cases it’s the owner of the car who is liable. Whether you’re driving or not, your car is covered.

Most small to medium sized businesses in Ontario have Individually Rated Commercial Auto (IRCA) insurance, which can cost up to $500 more annually than Fleet Insurance. It can also limit the flexibility of drivers across multiple vehicles and bury you chest deep in insurance red tape.

We created this guide to simplify some of the most common terms and phrases you’ll come across in your home insurance policy.

We created this guide to simplify some of the most common terms and phrases you’ll come across in your auto insurance policy.

That’s right, if you rent a house, apartment or condo in Ontario you may be eligible for a free Renters Insurance Policy (or an extremely cheap one).

Most of us at one time or another have been driving, unaware that our pink insurance card was expired, or it was misplaced completely.

In 1666 London literally burned to the ground, and caused the equivalent of 2.49 Billion (today’s) dollars CAD worth of property damage. The biggest challenge was determining who was financially responsible to rebuild.

While we all might appreciate our government’s efforts to ensure driver competency – the prospect of losing your freedom to drive is a hard pill to swallow at any age.

What is a hard market, and why is it costing me money? This year, virtually every renewal we’ve seen has involved a higher than average rate increase. Premium increases have been occurring across all insurance categories and all customer types – regardless of your claims history.

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104, 2020

Excalibur Insurance is Working: Coronavirus Update We are still open and serving clients however, for the safety of your family

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In the event of a disease outbreak, all business owners play a vital role in managing the health and safety

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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Sump Pump The Intact Centre at the University of Waterloo reported in 2019 that flooded basements were the biggest climate-related change being faced by Canadians. It should come as no surprise that broken sump pumps are a leading cause of water damage; in fact,

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