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Fortifying your farm’s defenses
against nature and chance.

Fortifying your farm’s defenses against nature and chance.

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Protecting Farmers

We don’t live in the city or work in glass towers; we hang our hats in the country. It’s why nothing makes us happier than lacing up our boots and visiting a farm. The freedom to operate your farm without fear of “it happened to a farmer I knew” campfire tales and sleep-robbing “what-ifs’ is what we’re here for. We refuse to see you compromise your farms’ safety and play dice with the unexpected. We analyze your farm as a complete operation and work to cover all the elements at play.

Our Farm Insurance Program is focused on three things.

The Right Protection

You can’t milk a duck. Selecting the correct insurance for your farm type and scale means knowing a little bit about farming.

Manage Farm Risk

Risk Management is a series of decisions. Ensuring you understand your choices, types and levels of coverage are our bread and butter.

Reducing Insurance Rates

If there’s one thing you could use it’s a break on the cost of something. We aim for the best insurance coverage and really get to know your farm.

We believe your ‘agricultural business’ is the backbone of Ontario.

Types of Farm Insurance We Offer

Cash Crop & Grain Insurance

Dairy Farm Insurance

Poultry Farm Insurance

Beef Farm Insurance

Hobby Farm Insurance

Hog Farm Insurance

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We are honoured to help you in protecting your livelihood. Insuring your farm is really about ensuring your legacy. We’re taking the pressure off today’s operation so you can grow your farm with an eye on the horizon.

We offer a FREE Annual Protection Checkup.

Conditions on the Farm can be as changeable as the weather. Our annual checkup is an opportunity to review new farm assets, crop values, and equipment in operation and ensure your coverage matches today’s farm.


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How Ontario Farmers feel about Excalibur Insurance

We work with over 40 of Canada’s Top Insurers to guarantee you have options.

What is Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance is a collection of coverage gathered to protect your entire operation. Let’s explore the image below to learn more about the risks and coverages you may wish to include in your farm insurance policy.

Home Or Rented Dwelling

This insurance provides coverage for the physical structure and personal belongings of a farmhouse or rented dwelling.

Barns & Out-Buildings

This coverage provides protection for the physical structures and contents of auxiliary buildings on a farm.

Farm Equipment

Insurance coverage for the financial losses, damages, or theft of agricultural machinery and equipment used in farming operations.


This insurance covers financial losses due to harm or death of farm animals caused by theft, illness, or other specified dangers.


Produce insurance covers financial losses for farmers due to crop damage or loss caused by weather, pests, or other specified perils.

Loss of Income

Loss of Income insurance covers financial loss due to unexpected events like disability, illness, or farm operation interruption.

Pollution Liability

Farm pollution liability insurance covers losses and liabilities caused by pollution events on a farm, such as accidental releases of pollutants that may harm the environment or neighboring properties.

Do you still have questions?

Take the farm insurance Quiz to appreciate the questions that keep your Excalibur Farm Insurance broker up after sunset—anticipating every scenario and tailoring your farm coverage to stay ahead of Mother Nature. Or perhaps you’d like to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Excalibur’s History of
Farm Insurance in Ontario

We didn’t start an insurance company to sell policies. We actually started it to help farmers.

In 1918, when Victor Roy returned from the First World War, he was given a parcel of land for his service and began farming.

He realized that farming involved a lot of variables beyond Mother Nature and that running a farm could be overwhelming at times. Victor realized more than 60 years ago that farmers needed partners who had their back, so he turned in his tractor and opened a credit union to help farmers and their families get better access to financing.

Then, in 1957, he realized the business of farming needed to be better protected, so he made the decision to open P. A. Roy Insurance (aka Excalibur Insurance Group) to safeguard farmers and help them recover from the unexpected.

“Helping the farmers of Huron County and Southern Ontario is a legacy that we’re proud of, and it will always be part of our DNA.”

Farm Insurance Insights from our Blog

Ontario Farm Insurance F.A.Q.s

A Brief Guide to Farm Insurance
Farm insurance is a specialized type of coverage designed to protect farming operations from risks and uncertainties. A farm insurance policy may include coverage for farm property, equipment, livestock, and liability concerns. These plans are customizable to address unique challenges and provide financial security for farmers by mitigating potential losses caused by weather-related damages, accidents, or other unforeseen events. The insurance coverage may extend to farm dwellings, barns, machinery, crops, and livestock, tailored to the specific needs of Ontario’s agricultural community.

Standard home insurance policies are not enough to provide coverage for farms in Ontario. Farmers need specialized farm insurance that addresses their unique risks, liability needs, and assets. It is important for farmers to work with knowledgeable insurance professionals to customize a policy that protects their farm operations appropriately. If you’re looking for advice and pricing information, you can contact us at 1-888-298-7343 and ask to speak with an Excalibur Farm Insurance Broker.

Farm insurance is available for a number of different agricultural operations, including beef, dairy, hog, poultry, goat, sheep, and horse. Additionally, cash crop farming has unique insurance needs for losses related to grain production.

No, even if farming is not your primary occupation, the type of insurance coverage and the risks associated with insuring your farm will remain the same. Insurance companies may offer specialized policies for part-time or hobby farmers that provide tailored coverage packages for someone with minimal farming activity. These policies typically take into account factors such as the size of the operation, the types of crops or livestock involved, and the level of risk associated with the farming activities.

Yes, all types of farming operations are insurable in Ontario. Beef, dairy, hog, poultry, goat, sheep, horse, and cash crop are the most common types of farming operations in Ontario. Certain niche agricultural operations, like rabbit raising, beekeeping, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, jam production, and Christmas tree farming may be more difficult to insure, but usually insurance options exist for all farm types.

Yes, you can and should customize your farm insurance policy to meet your needs and circumstances. Insurance providers understand that every farm operation is unique, and they often offer a variety of coverage options and endorsements that allow you to tailor your policy accordingly. Some of the ways you can customize your farm insurance policy include, coverage types, coverage limits, ability to exclude certain coverages, deductibles, and endorsements.

The cost of farm insurance varies widely based on factors like farming type, building and livestock value, equipment, and location. An insurance broker can help assess your coverage needs and premium management strategies.

While farm insurance is not legally required in the province of Ontario, it is still strongly recommended. We encourage farmers to consider the risks associated with running their farming operation, including property damage, liability claims, livestock losses, crop failures, and more. Would you be prepared to absorb these financial or physical losses should they arise? That’s why farm insurance is such a valuable tool for protecting your livelihood as a farmer, covering insured damages and allowing you to stay financially secure in your agricultural operation.

We recommend working with a farm insurance professional who can tailor a policy to your unique insurance needs. An Excalibur Farm Insurance Broker can work with you to collect the information required for a quote, including details about your operations, property, buildings, equipment, livestock, and any other assets you want to insure. Your broker will then compare price and coverage options from the farm insurance companies we represent, and then make recommendations about what coverage you should have and explain the most competitive premium pricing available.

Farm insurance typically covers a wide range of risks associated with agricultural operations, including barns & outbuildings, equipment breakdown, business interruption, livestock loss, crop damage, loss of income, liability, and pollution liability.

Generally, anyone involved in running a farming operation or the keeping of livestock requires a farm policy as these operations are excluded from personal liability coverage.

There is no minimum number of acres required for you to need farm insurance. Typically it is the operation of farming and the keeping of livestock that require a farm policy as these operations are excluded from personal liability coverage.

The difference between a farm and a hobby farm regarding insurance lies primarily in the level of activity and income generated from agricultural operations. A hobby farm, also known as a lifestyle farm or part-time farm, is typically operated for personal enjoyment or supplemental income rather than as a primary source of livelihood. A farm or commercial farm is typically operated as a business with the primary purpose of generating income from agricultural activities. Commercial farms often involve large-scale production of crops or livestock for sale in the market.

While farm insurance is not legally required to operate a hobby farm, it is still highly recommended because it provides valuable protection for your assets and liabilities associated with agricultural activities.

Farm insurance typically covers a wide range of risks associated with agricultural operations, including barns & outbuildings, equipment breakdown, business interruption, livestock loss, crop damage, loss of income, liability, and pollution liability.