We work for Poultry Farmers, not a faceless insurance company.

As poultry farm insurance specialists, we make it our business to simplify the challenges of managing risk and minimizing insurance costs within an evolving poultry operation.

If your poultry farm is dependent upon layers, broilers, pullets, or other poultry animals, we’re committed to partnering with you to tailor an insurance program with the following mindset:

1. Identifying & closing coverage gaps;
2. Reducing insurance costs; and
3. Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

We believe you deserve a partner who has your back all year round, not just someone who sends you an invoice when it’s time to renew.

As your poultry operation evolves, we work as partners to advise and take advantage of policy bundling, coverage umbrellas, and other strategies to give greater protection in the most cost effective manner possible. As farm insurance brokers, we work for real people with poultry farm operations in Ontario, not large faceless insurance companies.

Poultry farm options often include tailored coverage for heat prostration, and various types of sickness and disease that can affect your birds. We provide protection advice not just the potential loss of your birds, but the resulting loss of income as well.

We also work side-by-side with you to develop a poultry insurance program with a service timeline that automatically adapts to seasonal changes. That way you get more flexibility, and enhance your overall poultry farm’s cost management efficiency. The timeline sets checkpoints at key intervals, so you’re never caught out in the cold.

Coverages to Protect Your Poultry Operation