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General January Newsletter 2021

2021 Loving Life Contest

Starting THIS THURSDAY, our 2021 Loving Life Contest will be kicking things up a notch.

With chances to win hundreds of dollars in daily giveaways, life in 2021 is already looking better than last year. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win our grand prize draw for $2,000, to make a purchase of your choice.

Will you be Loving Life with a new grill in the backyard? Or turning things up a notch with a new surround sound system in the living room? How about exploring the great outdoors with your new mountain bike? Or enjoying a quiet night in bed on your new mattress? The possibilities are endless!

Make sure you are following us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to enter.

Welcome to the Excalibur Insurance Team!

We want to welcome our two newest team members to the Excalibur Family.

Michael Brown joined our team in July and works out of our London Office. We recently celebrated his first 3 months on the job and continued our tradition of “knighting” new teammates with their official Excalibur jersey after they reach this milestone. Enjoy this photo from Michael’s jersey ceremony.

Savannah Nigh joined our team in December and works out of our Clinton Office. Savannah has previous experience as a business development specialist, and will now be working as a Personal Lines Insurance Broker.

2020 Referral Program Winners

Our 2020 Referral Program was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who referred a friend to Excalibur Insurance. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2021.

Monthly $100 Referral Winners

When you refer a friend, your name is entered in our monthly draw for $100 to keep and a $100 donation to the charity of your choice. Our monthly winners for 2020 were:

January – Bradley & Kimberly Morrison

February – Paritosh Pithadia

March – Larry & Anna Mae Fischer

April – Dilpreet Singh

May – Nancy Sewers

June – Brenda Macdonald

July – Kim Cornell

August – Alan Ducharme

September – Alden Cherry

October – Amy Patchett

November – Donald Brown

December – Corey Cronin

Last year, through our referral program, we helped donate $1,200 to various charities. Some of the charities chosen by our monthly referral winners were:

– The Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program in Guelph

– Canadian Cancer Society

– The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

– Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre

– North Huron Community Food Share

– Royal Canadian Legion Branch in Mitchell

– The Salvation Army in Niagara Falls

– Seaforth Food Bank

– Victim Services Division of the Waterloo Regional Police

– United Way – Niagara

Quarterly Flat-Screen TV Winners

Left to Right: Shelly Price, Daniel Walters, and Damion Linton

In addition to being added into our monthly draw for $100, with each referral you send us you are entered into our quarterly draw for a Samsung 50-inch flat-screen TV. Our quarterly draw winners for 2020 were:

Q1 TV Winner – Damion Linton

Q2 TV Winner – Shelly & Steven Price

Q3 TV Winner – Daniel Walters

Q4 TV Winner – Kyle Pollard

Protect Your Vehicle from Depreciation with Optiom

With Optiom, you can protect your new vehicle for up to 7 years against depreciation! Or, if you buy a used vehicle that’s less than ten years old, you get reimbursed for the market value at the time you purchased for up to 5 years!

For as little as $25 a month, Optiom makes it simple to safeguard your family’s budget and ride after a write-off.

Learn more HERE, or watch our Optiom video HERE.

April 6, 2021