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Why Do You Need Ontario Home Insurance?

To Rebuild

If there’s a fire or natural disaster, your policy needs enough coverage to rebuild your home.

To Replace

If the items in your home are stolen, destroyed, or vandalised your policy will pay to replace them.

For Lawsuits

If someone is injured on your property and decides to sue, your policy will handle everything from legal fees to the settlement.

Your Lender

If you have a mortgage your lender will require that you carry the proper insurance on the property.

The easiest way to simplify the ‘home insurance’ quote process, and protect your family?

Let us do all the work.

Protection Options for Your Home

Interactive Coverage Map

Your Broker Should Know

What is the cost of a total rebuild for your home?

Is any of your property not covered as general contents?

What discounts are available on top of multiple policy?

Which insurance companies have the best reputation when dealing with a claim?

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