Commercial Insurance

for Retail Enterprises

Commercial Insurance

for Retail Enterprises

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario shops growing with coverage you can understand and afford.

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario shops growing
with coverage you can understand and afford.

What insurance coverage do I require for my retail store?

Own a retail shop or enterprise in Ontario? Whether your retail location is brick-and-mortar or you sell products virtually you’ve probably uncovered a range of risks to your business success. How to keep offering your products and services while protecting what you’ve built is where we come in.

The Excalibur commercial insurance specialists are familiar with the challenges that retail shops face. It could be as simple as a customer stumbling at your store threshold. You may experience a series of product malfunctions that cause harm or property damage. Or perhaps you fall prey to a dishonest employee who commits theft. Any one of these potential exposures can be daunting. Rest assured that our insurance brokers will perform a commercial insurance review of all possible coverages to protect you from significant loss.

Even experienced retail store owners may find themselves in trouble if an issue catches them unaware or a setback occurs. Our team of defenders has your back, with coverage to keep your retailer outlet open and operating.

We Understand

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You need to keep
your team working.

We help you prioritize the liability coverage options that protect you in case a customer or other party takes legal action against you or your team. You can keep working with confidence knowing you are covered.

You need the flexibility to do business when it works for you.

We ensure you have the ability to access real time proof of insurance certificates and make changes to your coverage when you’re at the site, on a coffee break or between client meetings.

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The only thing better than our coverage, is the commitment of our Excalibur Defenders – who double check coverage, and champion small business owners at every turn. If you need us we’re there.

At Excalibur insurance, our commercial specialists help you manage risk using our special process. Only buy the coverage you need; you have options to consider, and we can help you evaluate and understand them.

We Make Your Business
More Appealing to Insurers.

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1. We review common insurer pain points.

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2. We leverage our risk prevention expertise.

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3. We strategically package your submission for a quote.

Retail Enterprises we can protect:

  • Department stores
  • Specialty stores
  • Supermarkets & Grocery stores
  • Bodegas & Deli’s
  • Convenience stores
  • Toy stores
  • Discount stores
  • Outlet stores
  • E-commerce retailers
  • Pop-up stores
  • Hypermarkets
  • Wholesale clubs
  • Housewares stores

Let’s Begin with the Coverage You Need to Grow Your Business.

Our Excalibur Insurance Brokers will ask a lot of questions – for good reason. The retail industry offers a range of inherent risks, whether your business is an e-commerce website or a physical retail store. The physical conditions of your store, employee actions, product performance and availability, as well as the possibility of data breaches or cyber attack all involve risk regarding profit and success.

You are busy making the decisions around product quality and inventory control, let our team review what elements of your unique retail shop pose risks. Our team is there to ensure you have exactly the coverage you require. Risk management will be critical to the success and growth of your Retail enterprise.

We begin by acknowledging the risks, then prioritizing those in terms of what is most urgent, or likely. Then we’ll develop a plan to manage, mitigate, transfer, accept or even avoid those risks.

Here are a few areas of specialized concern you may want to consider when reviewing your coverage:

  • Digital Theft and Data Breach
    Digital coverage is a surprisingly overlooked risk. Your business may largely or entirely depend on the orders it receives online. Digital criminals target businesses of all sizes and scopes. Casual phishing scams, hacking into point of sale or targeting e-commerce are all methods that leave you and your customers vulnerable.
  • Stock or Contents Coverage
    Stock is one of your most significant liabilities regarding your retail success. You may protect your inventory well, but that is no guarantee it won’t be stolen, damaged or completely destroyed in a warehouse fire. It pays to have a stock insurance policy to cover the cost of your stock if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed. This valuable coverage can keep your business afloat when your content is compromised.
  • Liability
    You keep your retail space in great shape but can only control so much. When a customer purchases your products, an issue with the product may cause them bodily injury or property damage. For instance, a faulty lamp or an off batch of kombucha could cause physical harm. In contrast, a defective device might cause property damage. When situations occur, you may be found responsible for the damages if the source can be traced back to your business. And then you may find yourself in the middle of a lengthy and costly lawsuit. Liability insurance can help.

These are just a number of the real risks your employees and customers face in the Retail space. To keep your team operating at its best, your Excalibur Commercial Insurance specialist will review coverage options with you.

Business Insurance for Retail Enterprises

A vital component of risk management for Retail Enterprises business insurance acts as a form of risk transference. Unfortunately, not all risks can be avoided entirely. Thankfully, business insurance is available for Retail Enterprises and, with the help of experts like the commercial brokers at Excalibur insurance, you can get yours for less.

Not sure what coverage your business may need? See below for a sampling of some of the Commercial Insurance options that may be of benefit to your company and protect your assets.

A well protected business is a reliable one – able to confidently take on the next project without fear of ‘what if’s’

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability, or CGL, is the most basic form of business insurance coverage. It may cover a food & beverage professional from accidents both in-and-outside of regular services. This includes lawsuit expenses due to incidents of slips and falls, structural collapse, or other incidents.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a brick and mortar spot your business calls home – you might want to protect it. This coverage protects your business premises against losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects and other ‘named perils’

Business Interruption Insurance

Many small businesses are not insured if something happens where they need to temporarily close due to a claim. A fire, flood or break in may temporarily halt business and create serious cash flow stress.

Crime Insurance

Commercial “Crime Insurance & Employee Dishonesty” coverage helps protect businesses of all scale and scope from losses due to crime that can occur within or outside your organization.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial “Umbrella” Liability coverage extends the limits and coverage of your Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance capacity. It acts like a shield moving to fill gaps that might exist in your individual policies.

Directors and Officers

D&O coverage protects boards of directors and officers against lawsuit expenses. This includes public, private, profit, and non-profit organizations.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects the equipment your business depends on from sudden and accidental, physical damage that requires its repair or replacement.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance helps cover expenses when your network is hacked, or your data is stolen. It can include coverage for extortion, crisis management, and business interruption expenses.

Commercial Auto & Fleet Insurance

Commercial Auto coverage ensures that any vehicles used by your business, occasionally or full time, are protected in the case of an accident.

Liquor Liability for Food & Beverage

If your business produces and/or serves liquor as part of its operations this may cover the cost of damages, medical bills, as well as legal expense, defense costs, or settlement fees that could occur should an intoxicated person cause injury to themselves, someone else, or a third-party’s property.

Risk management is critical for Retail Enterprises and business insurance shouldn’t be the only fallback for your retail shop. Implementing a plan that relates directly to the product or service you provide is vital to ensuring your business is protected. Accurate risk management strategies that reflect your business’ exposures and manage, transfer, avoid, or accept your risks respectively will help your business continue to operate for years to come.

You can get business insurance for your Retail Enterprise by applying for a quote today with Excalibur Insurance.

You deserve an insurance broker who leaves nothing to chance, wants to save you money – and is willing to tell you the unvarnished truth.

OR, Just give us a call and speak to an Excalibur Defender

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