Excalibur Insurance launches ‘The Good Knight’ to help people stay ‘two-steps ahead’.

As an extension of the Excalibur Insurance experience – ‘The Good Knight’ is fully invested in finding a better way forward, inspiring action, and creating smiles. She represents a true reflection of our mindset as a team. Whether it’s a community-driven or insurance-focused initiative – we want to be the catalyst that champions people’s success.

Read some of our ‘helping people stay two-steps ahead stories’

Read some of our ‘helping people stay two-steps ahead stories’

“We felt it was time to raise the bar and take our story to the next level in the minds and hearts of our customers, as well as the communities we serve. ‘The Good Knight’s’ attributes are anchored in our long standing ‘have-your-back’ commitment as a company.”

CEO / President

How does The Good Knight reflect Excalibur’s team values?

As a company, the Excalibur Insurance team does whatever it can to champion people and give them a reason to smile. That ‘have your back’ mindset also extends beyond insurance, and is the driving force behind our commitment to help organizations and children and teens within our extended community achieve success.

Fundamentally, our culture is defined by the following 5 values or non-negotiables:

Watch our Video “We Believe”

Watch our “Good Knight Video”

Why a female Knight?

When we took an inside look at ourselves as a company and team, we realized that our people define our story. The fact that 80% of our frontline leaders are female made it an easy decision to create a female knight as our brand’s champion.

“We’ve always believed that part of our purpose as a business was to encourage and support the next generation of leaders.”

VP Operations

What other projects are being planned for The Good Knight?

For 2021 we are working on a children’s story and colouring book focused on our 5 non-negotiables We also will be creating new video content – as well as fully integrating The Good Knight into our Excalibur story, website and online customer experience.