Commercial Insurance

for Contractors

Commercial Insurance

for Contractors

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario contractors working with coverage you can understand and afford.

Excalibur Insurance keeps Ontario contractors
working with coverage you can understand and afford.

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What coverage do I need & where can I save on commercial insurance?

It’s the first question any business owner asks. How do I protect what I’ve built while being smart with my dollars? As a contractor in Ontario there will be coverage you can’t start a job without, coverage to protect your team, project specific coverage, and more. We’re here to help make sense of it.

The team at Excalibur supports contractors in all different professions. We understand your business may be a single individual or be a larger contracting company. We know that your team may grow as the job requires and be a mix of permanent employees and subcontractors. The flexible way you provide your services; hourly, on a job basis and for larger complete projects means it’s even more important to nail down the proper types & costs of coverage to ensure your jobs are priced & protected accordingly.

Rest assured that the Excalibur team will review all possible coverages to protect you from significant loss.

We always keep these items front of mind.

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You need to keep
your team working.

We help you prioritize the liability coverage options that protect you in case a customer or other party takes legal action against you or your team. You can keep working with confidence knowing you are covered.

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You need the flexibility to
do business from your truck.

We ensure you have the ability to access real time proof of insurance certificates and make changes to your coverage when you’re on the job, a coffee break or between sites.

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You need to know
we’re a handshake away.

The only thing better than our coverage, is the commitment of our Excalibur Defenders – who double check coverage, and champion small business owners at every turn of the wheel. If you need us we’re there.

At Excalibur insurance group, our commercial insurance specialists help you manage risk using our special risk and rate control process. We use our process, so you only buy the coverage you need; you have different options to consider, and we can help you evaluate and understand them.

We Make Your Business
More Appealing to Insurers.

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1. We review common insurer pain points.

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2. We leverage our risk prevention expertise.

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3. We strategically package your submission for a quote.

Let’s Begin with the Coverage You Need to Grow Your Business.

Our Excalibur Insurance Brokers might ask a lot of questions – for good reason. The wide range of skills and trades your company may operate in, means there are a number of different risks and exposures you might face. Our team wants to ensure you have exactly the coverage you require.

While you may not need all of the coverages listed below, it’s worth getting familiar with the ways your business can protect its assets. A well protected business is a reliable one – able to confidently take on jobs without fear of ‘what if’s’

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Here are some of the Commercial Insurance types you should consider for your contracting business:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is the one type of insurance that every contractor really needs to have. It protects you against the actions of others. Many jobsites will not let you work on them unless you have this liability insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a brick and mortar spot your business calls home – you might want to protect it. This coverage protects your business premises against losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects and other ‘named perils’

Background Interruption Insurance

Many small businesses are not insured if something happens where they need to temporarily close due to a claim. A fire, flood or break in may temporarily halt business and create serious cash flow stress.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk or ‘construction insurance’ is a form of property insurance that covers projects under construction, renovation or repair. This coverage is used during the course of construction.

Installation Floater Insurance

Installation Floater coverage protects your property and materials while a job is in progress. Materials in transit, at a temporary location and at a job site location are not covered for losses without this coverage.

Contractors Equipment Coverage

Contractors Equipment Insurance protects the owned and rented equipment your business depends on from loss, damage and theft. This coverage can be tailored to your business needs, its industry and the equipment and tools you use.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial “Umbrella” Liability coverage extends the limits and coverage of your Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance capacity. It acts like a shield moving to fill gaps that might exist in your individual policies.

Commercial Auto & Fleet Insurance

Commercial Auto coverage ensures that any vehicles used by your business, occasionally or full time, are protected in the case of an accident.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects the equipment your business depends on from sudden and accidental, physical damage that requires its repair or replacement.

Directors and Officers

D&O coverage protects boards of directors and officers against lawsuit expenses. This includes public, private, profit, and non-profit organizations.

Crime Insurance

Commercial “Crime Insurance & Employee Dishonesty” coverage helps protect businesses of all scale and scope from losses due to crime that can occur within or outside your organization.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance helps cover expenses when your network is hacked, or your data is stolen. It can include coverage for extortion, crisis management, and business interruption expenses.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This coverage protects professionals and businesses should a client suffer a loss because of an error, alleged negligence or missed element this coverage can help with the financial impact on the business.

You deserve an insurance broker who leaves nothing to chance, wants to save you money – and is willing to tell you the unvarnished truth.

OR, Just give us a call and speak to an Excalibur Defender

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