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604, 2021

Client December Newsletter 2020

April 6th, 2021|

Tell Us What You Want For Christmas To round out the year, we want to do something special for our clients! Reply to this email and answer everyone’s favourite question this time of the year: What Do You Want Most for

504, 2021

General November Newsletter 2020

April 5th, 2021|

Protect Your Vehicle From Depreciation with Optiom With Optiom, you can protect your new min-van, Jeep or SUV for up to 7 years against depreciation! Or, if you buy a used vehicle that’s less than ten years old, you get reimbursed for

108, 2018

August Newsletter 2018

August 1st, 2018|

August Newsletter 2018 Profile: Passion & Tenacity "We want to give [customers] choice" "When you call the office of Clinton, Ontario’s Excalibur Insurance Group, the receptionist asks: "How can we