Busy Parents in Ontario Love Excalibur’s Rate Reducer

January 18, 2021


Busy Parents in Ontario Love Excalibur’s Rate Reducer: An Insurance Broker’s Strategy to Make Life Easier

Remember the days that your local bank and insurance agent operated with very limited hours during your work day? Many people, especially busy parents, had to plan their day around working hours –  making inconvenience and frustration a normal part of the customer experience.

Jeff Roy, CEO of Excalibur Insurance, and his team have been on a quest to change the way we do business. It starts with the belief that people are not here to simply sell insurance policies, instead the Excalibur team exists to Champion People – and create a customer experience that makes them raving fans.

For at least 7 years now, Jeff and his team have been sourcing like-minded partners who are also on a quest to give people the freedom and flexibility they deserve. One of the first tasks the company undertook, was to find the most transparent and quickest way to help people compare auto and home insurance rates online 24/7.

With that in mind, Excalibur Insurance developed “Rate Reducer” – but with a twist. Most online quoting engines lose the human relationship that should be part of a world class customer experience. That’s why Excalibur Insurance made the decision to have their CSRs follow-up and double check each online quote to ensure proper coverage and rate savings.

“Since the introduction of rate reducer we’ve heard from a lot of busy parents who have shared their experience with Rate Reducer and appreciated the flexibility. As a first interaction they were really impressed with the human touch and follow-up factor.”

Jeff Roy – CEO

Excalibur Insurance

Here is a testimonial from Tanya that we were proud to receive:

“I was referred to you by my friend Beth, after telling her my auto insurance went through the roof and I hadn’t had time to call around. The first thing I did was google your business and was impressed by your 4.8 google rating – initial credibility in my mind.

I had finally got my son to settle for the night finally had a chance to check out your website – after just a few minutes I felt like you totally got me as a parent – and Rate Reducer gave me 10 auto quotes in just under 15 minutes! Then I got a great follow-up service from Kelsey! Happy to say I am now one of Excalibur’s newest raving fans!”  

Tanya O. – London Ontario

Rate Reducer is more than a tool that works around a busy parent’s schedule – it is part of an experience that continuously strives to put people first and make a person’s day. That’s the primary reason that Excalibur has team members dedicated to following up with potential clients, to see if there are other ways to uncover additional savings with offerings like CAA’s ‘Pay as You Go’ or deep discounts for ‘Safe Driving Habits’.

Creating a multi-tiered experience that ‘wows’ busy people living on a budget is Excalibur’s North Star, according to Excalibur Partner and VP Paul Wettlaufer. As part of Excalibur’s ‘Disney-like Experience’ the company has also invested in other self-serve options, their own mobile app – in addition to specialized products like Optiom, and an automatic protection check-up.

“Our goal is to be two-steps ahead in terms of saving busy parents time and money – while also finding ways to reward families and bring an unexpected smile to someone’s day.”

Ken Colquhoun – VP

                                                                                                                                            Excalibur Insurance

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