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We want to help you pay less
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We’d rather judge you
on your driving skills, not your age

& in the process we can help
save you up to 25%
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If you’re between 16-24 years old and can drive like you were born behind the wheel just CLICK HERE and get your best online price in minutes. You’ll see first-hand what we could save you on auto insurance.


Together we review your quote and coverage by phone, and we also explain how our Telematics Program works if that turns out to be your best price option.

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Telematics might
be your best option

Some insurance companies we work with offer reduced rates when you install a telematics device to measure how well you drive. The device allows you to prove that you’re a safe driver – it’s that simple.

Your premiums are then discounted based on how responsible you drive instead of paying stupid high rates for drivers your age group.