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We look for potential blind spots

Unfortunately in the quest to increase sales – MANY INSURANCE PROVIDERS MAKE IT YOUR JOB to read and understand the fine print. Most of us have at least one story (or know someone) who’s fallen victim to the fine print of binding agreements or contracts.

Did you know that LACK OF ADVICE is the #1 reason people who buy auto and home insurance assume they’re covered for almost any loss? We work to protect you from assumptions, unknowns and industry changes in coverage.

Picture the moment a claims adjuster hands down the verdict that your car is only worth half of what you paid. Or the water that flooded and destroyed your finished basement entered from an outside window; which requires and overland flood endorsement – AND IS NOT COVERED.

WE MAKE THE TIME to review and contact every customer quote – and every customer renewal – with the goal of removing surprises we can’t afford.

GAP Insurance for New & Used Vehicles

Did you know that Excalibur Insurance is one of a select few insurance brokers in Ontario that offers GAP Insurance on new and used vehicles? To eliminate depreciation for your new or used vehicle in the event of a total loss, we’ve got budget-worthy solution.

Are you and your AUTO protected if…

You use your personal vehicle for business?
You let a son or daughter temporarily keep a family vehicle at university?
Someone living under the same roof regularly drives your car?
These are just a few of the unknowns we take time to eliminate.

Are you and your HOME protected if…

Flood water comes in through a basement window?
Your expensive bike is stolen?
A pipe bursts while you are away?
You have a home-based business?
These are just a few of the unknowns we take time to eliminate.
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