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We work for Ontario Farmers, not a faceless insurance company.

We work for Ontario Farmers, not a faceless insurance company.

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Your ‘day’ began at 4:30 am, and you’ve still got a lot on the to-do list. Who has time for slogging through stacks of policy jargon or chatting with a suit over the phone? You aren’t even sure if they understand that hamburgers are made from cows.

At Excalibur Insurance, we’ve got experienced Brokers who run their own farms or were raised on them. As folks who know the ins and outs of Beef Farming and insurance, we’re here to simplify your business’s daily risk management decisions. Your farm’s protection is our thing, whether it’s a cozy homestead or a sprawling ranch, and we’ve got solid coverage options designed just for your farm.

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We Protect Ontario Farms

Our Brokers work for Farmers, not Insurance companies, and with numerous providers to choose from, we ensure you have choices.

Support you can Count on

Our Excalibur Brokers are there to help file claims, review coverage and provide yearly guidance beyond the sale.

Safeguarding Diverse Farms

Dairy, Beef, Cattle, Hog and Poultry. Hobby Farms and commercial operations. We can build a farm policy that meets your needs.

Remove the guesswork – accurate coverage for real farm risks.

Our beef farm insurance policies offer tailored coverage options to protect your operation. When we think of any farming operation, we consider what the farm produces, what feeds it, and its output. We consider your cattle barns, feed, machinery, and livestock against potential risks such as fire, wind, and lightning. We also offer advice on protecting against liability and loss of income. Although the risks you face may differ from those of other farmers, a comprehensive beef farm policy typically considers the following.

Here are some Beef Insurance Types you should consider for your farm.

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Livestock Coverage

Coverage for livestock against accidents and death.

Produce Coverage

Insurance for crops grown on the farm, such as forage or feed crops.

Farm Liability Coverage

Liability protection is provided for bodily injury or property damage claims that may arise from farm operations.

Business Interruption Coverage

Coverage is provided for loss of income and extra expenses in case farm operations are temporarily stopped due to a covered event.

Pollution Liability Coverage

Protection against financial losses due to accidental pollution events that may occur on the farm.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Protection for essential Farm Equipment & Machinery against breakdowns.

Property Coverage

● Protection for the property livestock reside in and that supports their care, such as barns and feeding shelters with Barns & Out-Buildings protection.

● Coverage for farm dwellings and other structures on the property with Home or Rented Dwelling insurance.

● Insurance for machinery, equipment, and other farm assets with Farm Equipment Coverage.

Insurance that Understands and Supports Your Beef Farm Goals

We believe you deserve a partner who has your back all year round, not just someone who sends you an invoice when it’s time to renew. We value working closely with our beef farmers to customize policies that adequately address their beef farming operations’ unique risks and requirements.

Give us a call and speak to an Excalibur Farm Insurance Broker here in Ontario

We always keep these items in mind

As your beef operation evolves, we work as partners to advise and take advantage of policy bundling, coverage umbrellas, and other strategies to give greater protection in the most cost-effective manner possible. As farm insurance brokers, we work for real people with beef farming operations in Southern Ontario, not insurance companies, and we tailor our insurance programs with the following mindset:

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Identify & Close Coverage Gaps

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Reduce Insurance Costs

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Do whatever it takes to get the job done

Your Excalibur Farm Insurance broker will work side-by-side with you to develop a beef insurance program with a service timeline that automatically adapts to seasonal changes. That gives you more flexibility and enhances your beef farm’s cost management efficiency. The timeline sets checkpoints at key intervals, so you’re never caught out in the cold.

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