Choosing The Best Car For Your Teen Driver

What Car Is Best for My Teen Driver?

July 18, 2021


The start of June means graduation time, and for many students, this also means the purchase of their first car – following the promise you made to them previously (and possibly in exchange for good grades!) This milestone purchase doesn’t have to break the bank because, believe it or not, the best car for your teen can still be a used car.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 83 per cent of parents surveyed nationwide said they bought their teen a used vehicle. Buying a safe car for your child doesn’t mean buying a new car, it just means looking for safety features such as electronic stability control, a heavier car frame, and good safety ratings. All these features can be found on used cars that come with a much more affordable price tag, while keeping your child safe. Here’s a list, recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, of some of the most reliable cars for teen drivers and the average cost.

‘Best choices’ for teens under $20,000:

Best choice vehicles should have either a good or acceptable rating in the IIHS frontal crash test (which is when the driver’s side is hit with a small-overlap) and excludes any vehicles that tend to have higher rates for insurance claims for medical bills and/or personal injury.

  • Honda Accord sedan and coupe, 2013 and newer
  • Toyota Prius (2011-13)
  • Mazda 3 sedan or hatchback (2014 or newer)Hyundai Tucson, 2018 and newer
  • Chevrolet Equinox, 2017, 2019
  • GMC Terrain, 2017, 2019
  • Kia Sedona, 2017
  • Kia Niro (2019)
  • Lincoln MKZ (2013, 2016, 2018 or newer)
  • Volkswagen Jetta (2017)
  • Ford Taurus (2014)

‘Good choices’ for teens under $10,000:

  • Toyota Prius V (2012-14)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander – 2007-2013
  • Honda Accord sedan (2012)
  • Ford Taurus (2011)
  • Hyundai Tucson (2012)
  • Toyota Venza (2009-15)
  • Toyota Highlander (2008 or newer)
  • Toyota Sienna (2011-2014)

*Price ranges are estimates only. Depending on the model year, condition, and number of kilometres on the vehicle, prices may fluctuate.

For a full list of the best vehicles for teens, you can visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website here.

Does a safer car = a lower insurance rate?

Several factors go into determining your insurance rate but having a high vehicle safety rating pretty much guarantees that your rates will be lower. Additionally, choosing a vehicle with a heavier frame, electronic stability control, and a lower horsepower can not only decrease your insurance rate, but can also keep your teen driver safer.

Other factors that may impact the cost of your insurance rates for your teenage driver include:

  • Taking an approved driver’s education courses
  • Age, gender, marital status
  • Vehicle, make, and model
  • Past tickets and road infractions
  • Past insurance claims
  • Location

If cost is a concern, you can always discuss your options with an Excalibur Insurance Broker, try our online Rate Reducer, or give us a call at 1-888-298-7343 to get an estimated rate before you buy.