Contractors – Save Yourself a Huge Headache in Court

October 21, 2017


You run a clean job site. Personal Protection Equipment is worn, tripping hazards are well marked, and all aspects are kept right up to safety code. Despite all of this, liability and injury claims happen all the time, even on the safest jobsites, whether you’re actually liable or not.

Worst case – if they take you to court and you lose, it could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages against your business. But what happens if you win? Then you’ve spent months and months in court instead of running your business, you’ve probably spend a small fortune in legal fees, and your business has still suffered a huge setback on something that wasn’t even your fault.

Liability Insurance protects you in case your business is taken to court.

What if, for example a teenager wandered onto your jobsite and fell into a recently excavated section breaking their leg (or worse), then their parents decided to sue. Instead of calling a lawyer who’s immediately charging by the hour, you can call your broker who’s just there to help.

Your insurance company would handle all the legal and financial aspects of the case, covering the fees and absorbing the headaches. That way you can get back to running your business, knowing that no matter what you’re taken care of.

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