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Go Paperless With Excalibur Insurance

Go Paperless with Excalibur Insurance: Digitizing Insurance

August 3, 2021


Digitization is happening everywhere. Why not insurance? In our increasingly busy daily lives where we divide our time between our families, our work, and our hobbies, where does insurance fit in? Excalibur wants to put an end to wasted time and makes it easier than ever by offering you the chance to go paperless. You can make the transition by activating your Desktop Customer Account or, if you have a smartphone, you can download our mobile app.

The Excalibur Mobile App

Nothing saves you more time nowadays than your phone. You can order food, catch a ride, and shop online. Now, Excalibur lets you do insurance quicker through your phone.

Available on Smartphone to download, the Excalibur Mobile App makes it easier than ever to access your insurance policies, liability card, and make changes when you want. Your insurance policies are now right there in your pocket! Having your insurance information available on your smartphone is flexible to your needs at the time, more efficient, and fit for the future.

Here are a couple of benefits that come with Excalibur’s Mobile App:

  • Your insurance information is available to you 24/7, meaning you can access all that you need to with only a couple of clicks. No wasted time, no middleman – it’s there in your pocket.
  • You can access your policies virtually on your tablet or your desktop – at your leisure.
  • If you need to make any changes or updates to your policy, you can do so through the mobile app without needing to go through the process of calling up your broker/insurance provider.
  • Want a physical copy? You can print your own insurance forms through the app from your home or wherever a printer is available to you.
  • If you have submitted a claim, you can check its status whenever you want through the app.

The mobile app also allows you to add a liability slip to your smartphone wallet, and you can add, change, or remove drivers in only a couple of clicks. You can also view your renewal in as little as 30 seconds through the app. Seriously – it is that easy.

Improving on Customer Experience Through Digital

Excalibur wants to continue to make the customer experience that much better and understands that we live busy lives. Transitioning over to digital can save us the time we need to spend time with our kids, take on that next project we’ve been thinking about, and so much more.

With the shift to paperless, nothing is delayed, and nothing slips through the cracks. It’s all right there in front of you: on your tablet, your desktop, or your smartphone. Put an end to the mountains upon mountains of paper that you’ll need to keep tabs on and organized in order to have all your insurance information straight and simplify your insurance experience by going paperless with Excalibur.

Self Service Backed by the Humans at Excalibur

What’s better than saving time through self service? Self service offers increased accessibility, reduced waiting time, and lets Excalibur help you better than ever.

Excalibur also offers the opportunity to connect with Aiden, your Digital Insurance Navigator. Aiden can answer your insurance questions 24/7 and is available through our website.

If switching to paperless concerns you because you think it might mean the absence of a “personal touch” know that our digital services are still backed by the humans at Excalibur! We will still pick up the phone for you whenever you need and our team is always ready to put your needs ahead of our own.

While we want the paperless movement to help offer you the chance at self service, know that Excalibur’s team is still here and will always be here for your insurance needs. We are always looking for ways to innovate your insurance experience, expedite the process of getting a quote and securing a policy, and simplifying the claims process and the time between submitting and when you get your settlement.

Making Insurance Seamless

Going paperless offers so many benefits, but the main benefit is that it makes insurance cohesive and painless. There’s no hassle, and you don’t need to Google any awkward insurance terms that might not immediately make sense to you. Excalibur’s Mobile App and Desktop Customer Account make it easy for anyone – no matter how busy their lives are – to get insurance, access it, make changes, and submit claims from wherever they are and whenever.

With many of our carriers already making the shift to paperless, Excalibur wants to help its customers stay ahead of the curve. You can start today by activating a customer account or downloading our Excalibur Mobile App on your smartphone.