Home Repair Insurance

April 5, 2016


(Because sometimes it’s the little things that cause the biggest headaches)

You hear a rustling deep inside your wall late at night and suspect mice. Or maybe squirrels. (Please, PLEASE don’t let it be rats) But how do you get at them? And how much damage are they doing anyway?

You noticed a small but suspicious water-stain on the ceiling…is there a pipe leaking somewhere?tap

You keep blowing fuses. Is it an issue with the fuse box or the wiring? Should you be worried? Or do you just keep replacing fuses and hope for the best?


Your radiant flooring has stopped giving off heat. How much is THAT going to cost to fix? And will it mean tearing up your beautiful floors? Maybe you can live with chilly feet…

These kinds of concerns are part-and-parcel of being a homeowner. But you don’t have to deal with home repair issues—and their cost–all on your own. There’s help available. Just ask your broker.

Often, we tend to associate insurance coverage with emergencies: accidents, fire, natural disasters, a health crisis—but did you know there is affordable coverage available for ‘non-emergency’ situations like home repairs?

Aviva Canada’s Home Assure product offers coverage for parts, service and labour to repair those critical systems that keep your house running smoothly like heating systems, electrical, gas supply, security systems, roofing and pest control. From faulty fuse boxes to insect infestations, routine (and not-so-routine) home repairs can end up costing you a lot, in both dollars and stress.

By adding this extra layer of protection to your home policy, homeowners have unlimited access to answers to their home repair questions, and are assured of a quick, professional response should a maintenance issue arise. Your provider will connect you with certified tradespeople and specialists qualified to deal with your problem quickly and efficiently. Repair services covered by Aviva Canada’s Home Assure plan won’t affect your claims history or claims-free discount…and the work is backed by a $1000 workmanship guarantee.

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Here are just some of the issues that a home repair policy could help you with:

  • Heating system breakdowns: natural gas, electric heating equipment, hot water tanks, radiant floor heating, etc.
  • Internal plumbing issues that could affect your foundation, walls, drainage, etc.
  • Roofing
  • Security systems
  • Pest removal (eg. rats, mice, squirrels, and wasp or hornets’ nests anywhere on your property)

The cost of the policy is $98.00 per year with a $50.00 deductible. $89 per year with a $100 deductible option. The policy will pay $2,000 limit per claim and $5,000 annually.

Adding home repair insurance to your policy can also help head off full-scale emergencies down the road. Plumbing problems, if not addressed, could lead to water-damage and flooding. A faulty fuse box could compromise your security system. Rodent-chewed electrical wires could start a fire. Yet how often do we put off maintenance work because of the headache and expense of bringing in a professional to do the job right? Why not let your insurance provider do it for you?

To find out more, call your Excalibur Defender today to at 1-800-361-1072 or email [email protected] to find how home repair insurance could help you.

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