How to Get the Most Accurate Auto Quotes

How to Get the Most Accurate Auto Quote with Excalibur Insurance

November 25, 2022


Shopping online for auto insurance quotes? As much as we’d like it to be, buying auto insurance is no walk in the park. As technology advances in recent years, the process has become simpler, but there are still some steps you need to take as a prospect insurance holder to get accurate quotes.

Enter Excalibur Insurance. We get you the right coverage for the lowest rates. For hard-working families in Ontario, it’s just about how to get the most accurate quotes to ensure that the policy you eventually buy is the policy that best matches your needs.

It’s better to shop for accurate quotes when you’re in the market for buying auto insurance. Here’s how to get the most accurate auto insurance quote with Excalibur.

Include your vehicle’s VIN number.

Your vehicle’s VIN – “Vehicle Identification Number” – is key when you’re providing information to a prospective insurance company to gain a more accurate quote. When filling out quoting forms online, drivers will always be asked specific information about their car, things like its identification, safety features, model, year, etc. Sometimes, people won’t know this info off-hand, so it’s important to write these things down before the process begins.

That being said, if you don’t know everything there is to know about your vehicle, the VIN can be a quick way to get that information. Insurers have simplified the process of getting insurance by doing it all by entering a vehicle’s VIN.

Ask about eligible discounts.

When working with a broker, don’t hesitate to ask about eligible discounts! They’ll have all the knowledge on which insurance companies offer which discounts, from bundled policy discounts to loyalty discounts to even discounts you can receive if your vehicle is a hybrid or electric car.

That’s the beauty of working with a broker – they know the insurance companies they represent and the options available out there better than anyone else! Get started with one of Excalibur Insurance’s auto insurance experts to begin the process ASAP today.

Include all drivers on the quoting form.

Who will be using your vehicle? Just you or other members of your household? Maybe your neighbour uses your car on alternate weekends? Include as much correct information about the household members who will be insured under your policy, even if they’re just occasional drivers.

Be open about your history.

What’s your driving record like? Your insurance history? These are things you may be asked about when you are filling out a quote form or discussing with a broker, and it’s worth it to be open. If you lie and you’re found out, you could face a penalty. Having fewer claims/less severe claims and a consistent driving record are ideal, of course, but be honest.

Your credit score can be factored into your final quote as well, if you so choose. Some auto insurance companies will automatically include this factor, whereas others may give you the option of using it to calculate your premiums. Either way, it’s something you may want to be open to if you have a decent credit score, as it can help reduce your costs.

Discuss your license and insured dates.

This ties into the above point about your history, but note that you’ll need to be clear about your license dates as inaccuracy can be an issue. The way that two people are rated will differ immensely depending on how long they have been licensed. Note, moreover, that someone being licensed for 5 years with a G1 is not the same as someone being licensed for 5 years with a G2.

The same goes for insured dates. Insurance companies may rate you lower if you have been claims free for longer than 3-5 years, which is something to keep in mind. Most companies will also offer a loyalty insurance discount if you have been with your current insurance company for 3 years or more. That being said, if you have changed insurance companies recently, the loyalty discount you received would then be removed.

Get an accurate auto quote with Excalibur.

Getting an accurate auto quote doesn’t have to be a mad scientist project. It all comes down to laying out the details as honestly and clearly as you possibly can, without beating around the bush. Your information, your car’s information, and your history should be discussed openly with your broker. An Excalibur Insurance broker will work with you to ensure you can get the exact policy you need to cover you in the event that something should ever happen for the right price.