Moving You 2-Steps Ahead

November 5, 2021


When it comes to commercial insurance, most business owners get poked by their insurance company or broker once a year at renewal time. The contact usually comes in the form of an email, asking you to update your gross revenue numbers and other relevant information. Once that’s submitted, you typically get a follow-up email with an invoice for next year’s policy.

That’s it – that’s all you get! Of course you get the coverage you paid for, but what did the broker actually do to from a bottom-line perspective? You can’t be sure.

We take a different approach. We believe the greatest value we can bring to small and medium-sized business owners is ‘proactive information & communication’. We believe most business insurance experiences fall short because enough work isn’t done in 3 areas:

  1. Placement (attracting more insurer interest) – We review common insurer pain points, we leverage our risk prevention expertise, and we strategically package your submission.
  2. Total Cost of Risk (minimizing your blind spots) – Risk Cost involves more than just your premium. We help you measure it, and then work to reduce it.
  3. Strategic Coverage Design (provide options so you can prioritize costs) – You have different options to consider. You buy only the coverage you need.

We spend more time being proactive with you in the loop, while minimizing surprises or unknowns. And you get to experience all of our behind the scene work, without having to do all the work.

Bottom line? We prove our worth as partners.