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The 100th International Plowing Match – And The Community That Made It Happen

October 8, 2017


Our hats are off to the organizers of the 100th International Plowing Match. They did a superb job and the event was fantastic. We’d also like to specifically thank the volunteers who made the event possible.

Janet Cameron from our Clinton office understands the complexities and value of putting together fairs that bring people together. As a board member of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies she knows that when an event like this is running every volunteer is a gift, and she got to see it first-hand working the association tent meeting people, discussing the importance of Agricultural Fairs to the community and handing out popcorn to hungry passers-by. Kelsey Bennewies from our Mitchell office got a sense of the pure scale of the event, volunteering as an administrator at the service gate. She helped organize and usher in the all the exhibitors, media, and entertainment for the event. She says that “without the thousands of volunteers there wouldn’t have been any way to carry off such a massive event in Huron County.”

No one group has the resources locally to put on a show this size. It takes everyone, across the spectrum, working together.” – Carol Bailey

Cathi Cullen from our Clinton office got to see the magic the event created first hand. She says that, her favorite part of the day spent as a volunteer chaperone for a local kindergarten class, was being able to share in her grandson’s adventure to the town of wonders that volunteers made sprout up in a field in Huron County.

I think Carol summed it up best when she said, “volunteering is about investing in the kind of community you want to hand on to your kids.” So, to everyone who invested their time at the Plowing Match, and to the volunteers who work away at not for profits in the community all year long making it a better place – Thank You.