The Uber Solution: How Aviva Canada Stepped Up

Published: February 23, 2016

The new ridesharing phenomenon sparked by companies like Uber and Lyft has left many insurance providers scrambling to provide adequate coverage to people wishing to participate in the ride-sharing service.

To date, Aviva Canada is the only company to offer a coverage option tailored specifically to ridesharing drivers. Until now, Uber drivers have been caught in an uninsured limbo, since most private auto insurance plans are forfeit the moment a ridesharing driver logs on to a ridesharing network with the intention of finding a paying passenger.

The reason is this: as soon as you start using your private vehicle for commercial purposes, you are exposed to far greater liability risks. In the case of professional taxi drivers, these risks are covered by comprehensive (and expensive) commercial insurance policies. But for part-time ridesharing drivers, even a minor accident could result in crippling financial damages and legal suits—and a cancelled insurance policy. The costs could run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hardly worth a $13 fare.

To address this coverage gap, Aviva Canada came up with an affordable solution: a simple add-on to your existing personal auto policy called The Transportation Network Endorsement.

Who it’s for:

  • Part-time ridesharing drivers who drive a maximum of 20 hours per week for a ridesharing company or transportation network. (Those who exceed 20 hours/week will need to purchase a commercial insurance policy or inquire about a different endorsement product.);
  • Drivers who have been licensed for six years or longer ;
  • Drivers with an appropriate driving record that qualifies them for Aviva’s personal auto insurance products.

Who it’s NOT for:

  • Full-time ridesharing drivers who drive more than 20 hours/week for a ridesharing company or transportation network;
  • Commercially licensed vehicles including taxi cabs, limos and delivery vehicles;
  • Drivers delivering goods including food and courier services;
  • Vehicles designed to carry more than 8 people (including the driver).

 How it works:

Coverage would be added on to the owner’s existing personal insurance policy in the form of an endorsement. Cost of the endorsement will vary from driver to driver. Rates are calculated based on variables like the policy-holder’s driving record, vehicle type, region, number of ridesharing hours, etc. Drivers who only drive 10 hours per week can expect to pay in the vicinity of $690/year* on top of their regular coverage. Those driving the maximum 20 hours per week are looking at spending about $865 per year* for ridesharing protection.

Is it worth it?

If you are ridesharing without proper insurance, the financial risk to you far outweighs any potential ride-sharing revenue. Even a seemingly minor fender-bender can leave you on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars. If an accident results in personal injury, disability or death, liability and legal costs could skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands– even millions–of dollars. (To learn more, read ‘Risk vs. Peace of Mind: The Real Cost of Ride-Sharing.’)

Aviva Canada: leading the way for ride-sharing protection

Aviva Canada’s Transportation Network Endorsement is the first ride-sharing insurance product of its kind to be offered under the umbrella of private auto insurance. While other companies claim to have similar products in development, none of them have yet been brought to market. However, given the number of ride-sharing drivers already on the roads, the need for coverage that protects both drivers and passengers is immediate and critical.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario has recognized Aviva Canada for taking a ‘proactive stance in the ride-sharing space’ and for providing a swift, affordable and agile coverage solution for its ride-sharing customers. 1

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Jeff Roy

*Prices may vary depending on location, driving record, vehicle, etc. Please call Excalibur Insurance for a quote.

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