Preventing Car Theft

How to Prevent Auto Theft

October 19, 2021


It only takes a thief 30 seconds to steal your car and leave you with a huge expense to recoup. The best way to preventing your car from being stolen is by making your vehicle less “attractive” to possible thieves. Here are our top tips to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of auto theft:

#1. Always park in a well-lit area—preferably one that’s easily visible to onlookers.

A thief is much less likely to steal your car if they can be witnessed easily or identified. Your vehicle is much less likely to be stolen in a brightly lit, public space.

#2. Attempt to park with the front of your vehicle facing an obstacle, and turn your wheels toward the curb.

One of the factors that make cars more “attractive” to possible thieves is how quickly it can be stolen. If you make it more difficult to steal your car, thieves may be less enticed.

#3. Never leave valuables in plain sight inside of your vehicle.

Nothing is more enticing to a thief than a shiny iPhone or a wallet full of change left out on your dashboard. Take these items with you when you park your car or store them away where they cannot easily be seen.

#4. Always roll up your windows and lock the car, even if you’re parking in front of your home.

If you leave your car unlocked – even just to grab your wallet that you forgot inside your house –  or otherwise easy to access, it’s practically leaving it wide open for a thief to take.

#5. When you park at home, don’t leave your keys out in the open or on key hooks.

The risk of theft is true even if you are parked at home. If your keys are left out in the open, it could make your vehicle more appealing to steal.

#6. If you park in a fee garage, take the pay-ticket with you. It’s the thief’s ticket out of the garage, too.

In public spaces, ensure you take the right precautions to prevent theft. The best way to do this is to take your pay-ticket with you so that no one else can access it.

Commonly Stolen Vehicle Models

Although car theft can happen to anyone, thieves target some vehicle models more than others. Vehicles from older model years are often targeted because thieves can sell the used parts quickly, and older models don’t have the sophisticated anti-theft features that newer cars have.

Popular vehicle models are also targeted more frequently, as their presence or absence is not as noticeable to onlookers or the authorities. Because the demand for the used parts of these models is so high, if you own one of the models listed below, you should take extra precautions to keep it safe:

Canada’s Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

  1. 2018 Honda CR-V
  2. 2017 Lexus
  3. 2017 Honda CR-V
  4. 2018 Lexus
  5. 2018 Ford
  6. 2019 Honda CR-V
  7. 2018 Toyota Highlander
  8. 2017 Toyota Highlander
  9. 2018 Lexus
  10. 2017 Dodge/Ram

Ontario’s Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

  1. 2017 Lexus
  2. 2018 Lexus
  3. 2018 Honda CR-V
  4. 2018 Toyota Highlander
  5. 2019 Lexus
  6. 2016 Lexus
  7. 2017 Toyota Highlander
  8. 2017 Honda CR-V
  9. 2019 Honda CR-V
  10. 2018 Honda Accord

How often are cars stolen in Canada?

In 2019, there were roughly 231.62 motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 Canadian residents. Although this has been on the decline over the last few years, auto theft is still a serious threat. Pedestrians can even die as a result of auto theft, especially since the thieves of stolen vehicles rarely respect public safety or traffic rules. Auto theft can cost Canadians thousands or even millions of dollars annually.

Why are vehicles stolen?

The most common reason why vehicles are stolen in Canada is for their parts. Take, for example, a $20,000 vehicle – a thief can strip these down and sell all the components separately for up to $30,000. However, some steal a car just to resell it as it can be both profitable and generally presents very little risk to the original thief. Sometimes cars are stolen to commit another crime to avoid identification.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance for Auto Theft

Theft is covered under your auto insurance policy if you carry comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance will also include protection against situations outside of your average collisions, such as fires, vandalism, severe weather, and of course theft. While comprehensive auto insurance is optional, it can prevent you from paying out of pocket if your car was stolen or vandalized.

Repairing your vehicle or paying for a temporary replacement while police try to recover your stolen vehicle can be costly, and those expenses add up quickly. As we seldom budget for such events, we are often unaware as to how much they can cost us. Comprehensive coverage is a great way to have a backup plan for the unexpected.

Get an auto insurance quote today and discuss comprehensive auto insurance with Excalibur’s best. You can contact Excalibur Insurance Group if you have any further questions about vehicle safety.