A Tree Just Landed In Your Living Room? Consider This.

A Tree Just Landed In Your Living Room? Consider This.

June 14, 2017


Years ago your mom warned you about building a tree house in that old maple, and after that nasty windstorm last weekend, that once shady maple tree has made itself right at home in your living room.

What now?

Assuming you have insurance – start by doing whatever you can to prevent further damage to your home from the elements. Then make a list of any items that were destroyed or damaged, along with taking photos and video of the damage.

The next step is to call your insurance broker and report the claim. Your broker will review your coverage, the details of the incident, the list of damaged items and your options going forward before asking you if you want to file a claim.

Your insurance broker will then get in contact with a claims adjuster who will arrange for someone to personally survey the damage that occurred. Laying out all of the details to your broker beforehand saves time and prevents confusion during the claims process.

At this point you can also discuss temporary living accommodations with your broker. You’ll also want to talk to them about how to prevent further damage to your home, which may include putting a tarp over any openings in the roof.

After that, a claims adjuster will work with you until you receive compensation for the damages, the repairs have been made by a reputable contractor and receipts for any additional living expenses have been filed.

We highly recommend making a Home Inventory Checklist to keep track of your belongings before disaster strikes. In many cases it’s often difficult for homeowners to remember everything they owned after a traumatic loss. You can download a home inventory checklist here to help prepare for a loss.