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We believe insuring a travel trailer is really about protecting your hard earned off time. And that ‘thinking two-steps ahead’ is even more critical because we work too hard to put even one day of our vacation in jeopardy.

Ontario Travel Trailer Insurance

Own a recreational vehicle? Have peace of mind during your next summertime adventure with Excalibur Insurance’s travel trailer insurance plans.

Whether your adventure is planned out for the entire summer or just a weekend, the right protection matters. Our families depend upon our travel trailers for all the memories they help us make. What’s there to do when budget is tight? Excalibur Insurance brokers can find you affordable travel trailer insurance quotes and from that moment on you’ll always have the best experts at your side..

A Brief Guide to Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailer insurance is a financial safety net for your recreational vehicle and peace of mind to focus on your family’s next adventure. Your travel trailer insurance includes coverage for the physical structure of your trailer against damages from vandalism, fire, collision, and more. It also protects your contents and your personal liability if you are responsible for bodily injury or property damage to any third party.

You and your family love your travel trailer, and it’s not an investment that should be so readily left unprotected. Travel trailer insurance safeguards your physical trailer, your contents, and your liability.

This is true whether you need:

  • Camper trailer insurance,
  • RV trailer insurance,
  • Utility trailer insurance,
  • Horse trailer insurance,
  • Stationary travel trailer insurance,
  • Enclosed trailer insurance, or

If the trailer you own does not qualify as any of the above, call an Excalibur broker to discuss your circumstances and trailer type today.

Travel Trailer Damages

Accidents happen without good reason. Your travel trailer insurance can cover your recreational vehicle against physical damages due to fire, vandalism, and other insured perils.

Travel Trailer Contents Coverage

Your travel trailer insurance protects anything stored within your non-motorized, towed vehicle. In the event of an insured loss, your travel trailer insurance can offset any repairs/replacements to your belongings up until a stated limit. If you own any specialty items or higher-value belongings, you may need to purchase a floater or talk with your broker about additional coverage.

Travel Trailer Liability Protection

If your travel trailer causes injuries to someone else or if someone’s belongings are damaged in/by your travel trailer, your travel trailer insurance includes liability protection. This can help cover you and your family from significant financial losses that may result from bodily injury lawsuits, settlement fees, and any other legal expenses that would otherwise pose a massive burden.

Travel Trailer Insurance Endorsements

There are so many different types of travel trailers available for you and your family to use at your leisure, but this also means that you’ll need to ensure that your coverage is fitted to the trailer you own. Because no one has the same travel trailer or uses their trailer exactly like another family, you may want to consider supplementing your travel trailer policy to ensure you have all the nuts and bolts in place. Your options for travel trailer insurance endorsements may include:

Travel Trailer Emergency Roadside Service

If something unexpected should happen while on the road and you require towing, a boost for your battery, or fuel delivery, emergency assistance should cover the costs of any roadside services.

Travel Trailer Insurance’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you eager to get on with your next family adventure? We get it – your time is precious to you. We have answered a few of the most frequently asked travel trailer insurance questions below so you are better equipped to make the right decisions when it comes to your protection.

Is trailer insurance covered by my car insurance policy?

Your car insurance may offer liability coverage for your trailer, but this is likely to apply only when your trailer is hitched to your car. Any physical damages, theft, or vandalism to the physical structure of your trailer or to its contents may not have coverage. For this, you will need to purchase separate travel trailer insurance.

What are the different types of travel trailers?

Trailer is a broad term used to encompass a variety of different trailer types. These may include travel trailers, which attach to your car or truck by a hitch. There are fifth wheel trailers, which have more space than your average trailer, are more stable, and typically the safest. Camper trailers are similar and towed behind your vehicle/can be interchangeably used to refer to travel trailers. Horse trailers are used to pull horses or other livestock safely behind a vehicle. Finally, there are also stationary trailers which may be insured like travel trailers apart from the collision component (as they do not move.)

What is the average cost of trailer insurance?

Because you and your travel trailer are unique, there is no single cost that accounts for all the travel trailer insurance policies out there. However, you can compare quotes with Excalibur Insurance’s Trailer Quoting Widget, in partnership with Aviva Insurance, to have a better idea of how much your travel trailer insurance will cost. Here are some average figures:

  • Per month, your travel trailer insurance may cost between $25 and $40.
  • This averages out to around between $300 and $500 annually.

With our quoting widget, getting a travel trailer insurance quote is quicker and allows you to get on with your next family adventure faster.

Do I need to buy travel trailer insurance?

Because travel trailers are towed behind your vehicle and do not operate on their own, they do not require their own auto policy and it is not mandatory to purchase travel trailer insurance. However, they do not have coverage under your car insurance for damages or collisions and it is recommended you purchase a proper travel trailer insurance policy to have peace of mind. Recreational vehicles that can be driven and operate on public roads (like motorhomes) may require insurance to be used.