Excalibur Farm Insurance Quiz

Have you considered all the possibilities? Anticipated every scenario? Your Excalibur Farm Program broker will ask questions you likely haven’t even thought of – and they’ll get the answers you need to tailor coverage and find the best rate of the market.

If you answer “no” or “not sure” to any of these questions you’re normal.


Q. My barn roof collapses due to ice and snow build-up?

Q. A farm wagon or trailer comes unhitched and hits a car?

Q. I damage my neighbour’s $50,000 tractor that I borrowed?

Q. Someone gets hurt while visiting my Corn Maze?

Q. My manure spreader tips over and pollutes a waterway?

Q. My livestock gets loose, gets hit by a car, and causes serious injuries to the driver?

Q. A power outage causes my ventilation system to fail, resulting in the death of my poultry?

Q. A barn fire results in the death of a friend’s horse that I was boarding as a favour?

Q. Livestock drowns in flood-waters?

Q. I lose livestock to extreme weather and freezing conditions?

Q. Groundwater is contaminated by pollution seepage occurring below ground?

Q. Livestock is killed during transportation due to a vehicle accident?

Q. Trespassers open a gate and several of my livestock are lost as a result?

Q. My very expensive, new horse dies of colic just days after being purchased.

Q. My barn is destroyed in a fire caused by dust and hay build-up around electrical conduits?