Motorcycle Insurance

We make it easy for tenants to get insurance online,
and email you proof of coverage – in minutes.

Confirming proof of insurance from multiple renters sounds like a simple task, but it often becomes a forgotten detail that costs landlords thousands in paid out deductibles and premium hikes every year.

The problem? Some tenants don’t follow up with the promise to purchase renter’s insurance because they forget, think it costs too much or don’t believe they need it. That reality is why we decided to create a full service do-it-yourself online option for renters to check pricing, customize, purchase and send proof of coverage to their landlord (that’s you).

Here’s the simple solution.

As a service to your renters you simply click the link below, fill in the fields and send them the formatted email with the link to our InstaShield for Renters and Landlords page.

Once they choose the coverage and price they want – they have the option to purchase online and send you proof of coverage at the same time.

Curious? Here’s the link to check out the InstaShield for Renters and Landlords page.