Don't Let Your Cash Get Up and Walk Away

Contractors – Don’t Let Your Cash Get Up and Walk Away

October 21, 2017


Every time you go to inventory your tools there seems to be fewer than you have on your list. Sometimes it’s because motor in the 3-year-old hand drill you only payed sixty bucks for has finally thrown in the towel. Other times, it’s because expensive or specialized equipment has simply gotten up and “walked away” from your jobsite, or off the back of your truck, or out of your shop past a snapped lock in the middle of the night.

Those tools have gone on to start new lives elsewhere, and you’re probably never going to see them again. So how do you shield your wallet from other people’s sticky fingers?

Property Insurance can protect you in case of theft or damages to tool or machinery.

If for example there’s a break in at your shop and someone helps themselves to all your tools, your Property Insurance covers your replacement costs. For what it costs you to buy it all brand new, so you can get back to work right away.

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