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Commercial Auto coverage ensures that any vehicles used by your business, occasionally or full time, are protected in the case of an accident.

When you operate a business critically dependent on automobiles you may not have considered the full coverage your vehicles require. Perhaps your family daily driver is used for afternoon deliveries, or you’ve a fleet of 10 small trucks. Breakdowns and accidents can suddenly shine a headlight on gaps in your commercial coverage.

Reviewing your commercial auto use situation against the options offered by IRCA (Individually Rated Commercial Automobiles) or Fleet Insurance to develop a sound coverage strategy to meet your businesses use needs.

Commercial Automobile coverage typically covers you against the following claims:

  • A vehicle loss or damage resulting from a collision.

  • A vehicle loss or damage resulting from a collision.

  • The Damage or loss of a vehicle from weather, theft or non-collision damage.

Which business are you?

How is Commercial Auto Insurance cost determined?

The cost of your commercial auto coverage is largely determined by your specific business needs and circumstances as well as your business claims history and insurance past. Your commercial auto insurance costs will be assessed on several factors – including:

  • Your drivers records
  • Types of drivers you are hiring
  • Length of drivers licensing
  • Past traffic violations
  • Fleet or individual vehicles

Your Excalibur Insurance agent is your go to for navigating tips and suggestions to look at your whole business picture and help reduce your premiums.

Can you give me a few examples of
‘coverage’ in action?


Your flower delivery van skids into the front of a neighbour’s shop on ice. Your fleet insurance helps repair the neighbours store as well as covering your rental of a new van while your van is being repaired.


Your employee is involved in an accident while driving to meet a client. An uninsured driver hits them on route. Your commercial auto insurance helps cover medical expenses, loss of work and repairs your employee’s vehicle.


You run a bread delivery company. Overnight your fleet of delivery vans are vandalized and their tires are slashed. Fleet insurance helps cover costly repairs to the fleet and provide rental vans while yours are in the repair shop.

Frequently Asked Commercial Auto Coverage Questions

No two businesses are the same, and as such their coverage needs can vary. These frequently asked questions might help you navigate the Commercial Auto coverage highway a little more easily.

Excalibur Insurance can help you secure a Commercial Umbrella solution to best meet your needs. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Do individually rated vehicles used for personal and business use need a separate commercial policy?

Insurance. In some cases, commercial vehicle policies may be able to cover personal usage. An IRCA policy is necessary when you are using your vehicle to transport materials, goods, merchandise, or tools. It is also critical if you deliver items to clients’ homes or to stores. Don’t let faith that your personal insurance will cover it leave you stranded, get the facts.

Is fleet insurance right for my business? Is there any discount for multiple vehicles?

Businesses that insure five or more vehicles, not including trailers, that are being used for commercial purposes may qualify to be rated as a fleet. “Fleet rating” is a means of looking at a group of vehicles all as one. This means that the group of vehicles is rated as how the vehicles are used as a whole, as well as the claims each vehicle has had taken together to determine a premium. Fleet policies can include several different vehicles, including heavy trucks to lighter vehicles such as pick-up trucks, vans and trailers. As with any insurance policy, the safer the vehicles/the less risk, the lower the insurance rates. Discuss with your broker about a fleet rating if you have five or more vehicles that your business uses for commercial reasons.

How is IRCA Vehicle Insurance different than Fleet Insurance?

While IRCA or Individually Rated Commercial Auto insurance is Commercial Auto insurance, it functions similarly to a personal auto insurance plan as each vehicle is rated for its risk factor via its individual demographics. Those include insurance and claims history, driving record, coverage options and limits, etc. Individually Rated Commercial Auto insurance plans are distinct from Fleet Insurance. Some providers may offer one form of Commercial Auto insurance but not the other.

Excalibur Insurance can help you find Commercial Auto insurance solutions if you are not sure what you need, or which plan would suit your business better schedule a consultation with us today.

What if my business needs additional types of insurance?

Business owners can extend their existing coverage with a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy. This will extend existing maximum policy limits, allowing your insurance company to cover you for more expensive, or extensive lawsuits.

If your business is exposed to additional liability risks beyond what a general liability insurance policy can cover, you can acquire separate liability policies. Speak to your Excalibur Insurance agent about developing the best coverage package for your unique business needs.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance, whether fleet or individual, covers several different risks and exposures while on the go, including:

  • Repairs and replacements for business vehicles due to damages

  • Towing and labour costs for disabled vehicles

  • Theft and vandalism to vehicles

  • Commercial auto liability

  • Loss of use / Rental vehicle coverage

  • Coverage for travelling into the United States (purchased separately)

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