We partnered with ProNavigator, a Chabot development company to create Canada’s first insurance AI who can answer questions and get you a quote with only voice commands. Busy schedules can sometimes get in the way of making sure you’re getting the best deal on insurance. So, we made sure that even if the only way you can get a quote is by shouting questions to your smart speaker in the other room while you’re multitasking the kids, the dog, and the dishes we’ve got a solution.

Get setup by clicking the link below that corresponds to your device, or if you haven’t seen how easy it is to get a quote with Audio check out the video above.


Can I get an Insurance Quote with Aiden?

Yes, you can get Auto or Home quote on your audio device with Aiden. All you have to do is answer 5 simple questions and your audio device will give you 5 competitive quotes. If you select one of the quotes a broker will review it to make sure you’re getting the coverage you need and follow up at your convenience.

What kind of information can Aiden provide?

Aiden will be able to assist with the following topics: Personal Insurance (including health, life, & travel), Auto Insurance (including classic car, high risk auto, & young drivers), Home Insurance (including house, condo, renter’s, flood, & cottage), Recreation Insurance (including motorcycle, snowmobile, watercraft, ATV, & RV), Business Insurance (including home based business, tech, contractors, business auto & landlords), and Farm Insurance.

For More Frequently Asked Questions, click here.