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Who is Cyberboxx™?

BOXX Insurance was created to go beyond traditional insurance, dedicated to helping ensure the world can remain digitally healthy. Since the majority of insurance solutions fall short of protecting smaller or medium-sized enterprises, Cyberboxx decided that the emerging risks of a digitally-connected world needed to be confronted with advanced solutions at an affordable price. In 2018, BOXX Insurance was launched as a program that brings together data science, specialized underwriting, and new technologies to go beyond your average protection and predict, respond to, and prevent the risks – both that we face today and the ones we’ll face tomorrow.

Insurance Coverage Offered by Cyberboxx™ Insurance


Business Insurance

BOXX insurance was designed to protect businesses from digital crime and potential threats – both to your overarching business model and to your employees. While you set your goals high, BOXX helps you to stay on course – even after a cyber attack. The BOXX Business Edition Membership includes:

  • Your Digital Health Tracker
  • Managed Firewall & Monitoring
  • Employee Cyber Training


Home Insurance

Digital crime can target our households if we aren’t careful. In order to protect what’s important today, tomorrow, and for generations to come, BOXX offers home cyber insurance to protect you against digital risks. There are levels when it comes to BOXX’s exclusive plans. Those may include:

  • Individual’s plan
  • Family plan

CyberBoxx also offers a home edition membership, which includes:

  • Credit & I.D. Monitoring
  • Breach Response Services
  • Online Safety for Kids

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Contact Cyberboxx™ Insurance in Ontario

Your Excalibur Insurance broker should always be your first point of contact in the event of an emergency, as well as when you need to make changes to your policy or payment information. However, if you need to contact your insurance provider at BOXX Insurance directly, you can reach them at the following locations:

Canada Corporate Office:

1 Toronto Street, Suite 804
Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

America Corporate Office:

801 Brickell Avenue, 8th Floor, Suite 800,
Miami, FL 33131

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