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General September Newsletter 2020

September Newsletter 2020

Read to Your Kids on Us!

Read to your kids on us!

September 6th was National Read a Book Day! To celebrate the power of storytelling, we want to give you a chance to win a $100 Indigo gift card!

To enter, like our page and tell us your favourite book from your childhood! We will also be donating ten children’s books to our local public library, selected from the books mentioned in the comments of the contest.

To enter and for full contest details, visit our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram page.

It’s Jersey Day for Angela!

Welcome to the Team Angela

True to our Excalibur promise to champion great people – it has become a tradition for new teammates to be “knighted” with their official Excalibur jersey after their first three months on the job.

Angela’s been making everyone on the team proud by playing on two of our team’s lines – personal and farm insurance – and we couldn’t be happier!

Watch her Jersey Ceremony HERE

Excalibur Customers Get a Chance to Win $100 Monthly!

Excalibur Customers Get a Chance to Win $100 Monthly!

Just for being an Excalibur customer, you get 4 CHANCES to win a Samsung 50-inch flat screen when you refer a friend for a quote. Does your current Insurance Company do that? We even treat you just for making a referral!

Click and get an auto or home online in minutes.

Your Farm Can’t Afford to Shovel a Pile of Red Tape

Your Farm Can't Afford to Shovel a Pile of Red Tape

We don’t live in the city or work in glass towers, we hang our hats in the country. It’s why nothing makes us happier than to lace up our boots and visit a farm. And while we leverage technology to make life easier, we also believe the work of a farmer deserves going the extra mile to get things right.

That’s why Justin and Jeff are cutting through red tape in our latest video. Check it out HERE.

Loaned Your Car to Your New Roommate? You’re on the Hook!

Loaned Your Car to Your New Roommate? You're on the Hook!

Thinking about lending your car to your new university roommate? Think again!

If they’re not listed as a driver on your insurance policy, you could be in trouble if they get into an accident. Not to mention, your insurance premium will take a hit.

Watch our 90-second video or read our blog post on lending insurance to learn more!

Looking to Save on your Renewal?

Looking to Save on your Renewal?

At Excalibur Insurance, our brokers shop the market to find you the best rate. With over 15 company partners, our team does the penny-pinching for you – saving you time and money.

Give us a call at 1-888-298-7343 or use our online Rate Reducer, which compares premiums and provides you with the 10 lowest rates instantly.

Compare auto or home quotes in seconds, and walk away with more money in your pocket.

Congrats to our Contest Winners!

Congrats to our Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Damion Linton (pictured above) our quarterly referral draw winner. He won a Samsung 50-inch flat-screen TV!

Congratulations to Kim Cornell, our monthly referral draw winner. She won $100 for herself and donated $100 to the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program.

Congratulations to Joanne Salverda, our Green Thumb Gardening Contest winner. She won an Excalibur Certified Home Gardening Bundle!

Lock in Low, Smart Life Insurance

Lock in Low Smart Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Every year you put off buying life insurance increases the cost. For example, if you’re 40+ years – premium costs rise approximately 5% to 8% per year. If you’re over 50 – the jump is closer to 12% each year.

Locking in low rates today protects your bank account, spouse and family. Learn more HERE.

Did You Know, It’s Cheaper to Bundle?

Did You Know, It's Cheaper to Bundle?

Fun fact! If you bundle your auto and tenant’s insurance, you can save up to 10% on your auto policy, which can cover the cost of your tenant’s policy. Bundling means saving!

Get an auto insurance quote in minutes HERE.
Get a tenant’s insurance quote in minutes HERE.

October 5, 2020