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September Newsletter 2019

September Newsletter 2019

September 9, 2019


September Newsletter 2019

Dean Brody & Dallas Smith Contest

We’re giving away a pair of 2 tickets to see Dean Brody and Dallas Smith on their ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone’ tour at Budweiser Gardens in London on October 3rd! Check out our Facebook page on September 17th for contest entry details.

Insurance Technology Breakdown

We believe technology that saves you time or money on insurance is worth the effort – and it’s even more impressive when you’ve got a real person behind the scenes going the extra mile. Click the graphic above to see our insurance Technology Video Breakdown.

Lock in Low Smart Life Insurance

Every year you put off buying life insurance pumps up the cost. If you’re above 40 premium costs rise 5% to 8% per year. Locking in at a low rate when you’re young protects your bank account, spouse and family.  Learn more at https://excaliburinsurance.ca/life-insurance-ontario/

Defender Difference Program

Let Us Volunteer

We love living in a community where people step up to help others by volunteering their time!

It’s why we were inspired to start the Defenders Difference program – where we give our staff paid time off to volunteer in our communities.  If you’re a registered non-profit, looking for volunteers send us an email detailing the charity and the initiative to [email protected]

Aiden, There are racoons in my attic, am I covered?

Aiden The Excalibur Chatbot

A standard home insurance policy covers damage to the roof, structure, or attic of your home in this scenario, but won’t cover the cost of the exterminator or damaged items.

Learn how to set up Aiden on your Amazon Alexa or Google home device to answer all of your insurance questions at https://excaliburinsurance.ca/connect-ai/

Your wedding will be expensive and stressful enough without adding worry about cancelations, accidents, lost deposits or suppliers falling through. Pricing starts at $255 for $1 million in liability. To learn more talk to one of our brokers by calling 1-888-298-7343.

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