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General April Newsletter 2021

Excalibur Insurance Launches ‘The Good Knight’ to Help People Stay ‘Two-Steps Ahead’

Stay two-steps ahead with The Good Knight

As an extension of the Excalibur Insurance experience – ‘The Good Knight’ is fully invested in finding a better way forward, inspiring action, and creating smiles.

As our company mascot, she represents a true reflection of our mindset as a team. Whether it’s a community-driven or insurance-focused initiative – we want to be the catalyst that champions people’s success.

Watch ‘The Good Knight’ help parents think two-steps ahead HERE.

‘The Good Knight’ Represents Excalibur’s Customer Experience and Team Values

The Good Knight Represents Excalibur's Customer Experience and Team Values

As a company, the Excalibur Insurance team does whatever it can to champion people and give them a reason to smile. That ‘have your back’ mindset extends beyond insurance and is the driving force behind our commitment to help organizations, children, and teens within our extended community, achieve success.

Fundamentally, our culture is defined by the following 5 values or non-negotiables:

  • We believe helping people succeed is a privilege and honour.
  • We believe ‘thinking two-steps ahead’ helps people sleep at night.
  • We believe busy people appreciate options that simplify daily life.
  • We believe appreciation grows when you find ways to make people smile.
  • We believe creating change lies in our ability to inspire action.

Watch our “We Believe” video HERE.

Why is ‘The Good Knight’ Female?

Why is the good knight female?

When we took an inside look at ourselves as a company and team, we realized that our people define our story.

The fact that 80% of our frontline leaders are female, made it an easy decision to create a female knight as our brand’s mascot.

Discover ‘The Good Knight’s’ story HERE.

Excalibur Creates an Insurance Experience to Help Busy Parents

Most moms and dads we know have one thought in their heads when they open their eyes in the morning – “help me get through the day.” As part of ‘The Good Knight’ Approach, we’re proud to say we’ve taken the time to turn the insurance journey for parents into appreciative smiles.

Busy parent? We’ve got an insurance experience for you HERE.

Inspiration Behind “The Good Knight & Busy Parents” Video

The inspiration behind the good knight and busy parents video

Busy parents have the added challenge of balancing work, play, family time, and maximizing their family budget. So when it comes to insurance, we set out to create a journey that not only simplified the process but also had parents’ backs in everyday life.

We wanted to show ‘The Good Knight’ thinking two-steps ahead to help Mom & Dad in their day-to-day life. Anticipating the ‘what-ifs’, finding ways to make Mom & Dad smile, and going above and beyond to help them simplify life. The same thing our people working on the frontlines do – helping busy parents remove the frustration typically associated with insurance.

Watch ‘The Good Knight & Busy Parents’ Video HERE.

Read some of our ‘helping people stay two-steps ahead’ stories HERE. 

The Good Knight Shines a Spotlight on Developing Young Leaders

The good knight shines a spotlight on developing young leaders

As a team, we’ve always shared a passion for helping people realize their potential – with a special focus on kids and teens. As part of The Good Knight’s ‘helping people stay two-steps ahead’ approach – we believe in creating opportunities for leadership development at a young age. The Good Knight will also serve as a recognizable figure when it comes to Excalibur’s long-standing community support initiatives.

Learn more about our commitment to giving back HERE.

July 13, 2021