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July Newsletter 2019

July Newsletter 2019

Canada Day Contest

Canada-Day Contest

Starting July 1st enter out Canada Day contest for a chance to win 4 TICKETS to CANADA’s WONDERLAND. Check out our Facebook page here to enter. Contest closes July 4th.

Overcoming Speed Bumps after 80 in Ontario

Are you, or is someone you love a driver over 80? The MTO required all drivers above the age of 80 to get recertified to drive.  Paul explains all in this video.

For more information, check out the blog here.

A Broken Leg Outside Of Canada - Now What?

Can I ask my Alexa for an insurance quote?

Most Alexa’s aren’t set up to quote. However, if you set up Excalibur Online Assistant skill on your Alexa you’ll be able to get home and auto quotes, and up to date Ontario specific answers to all your insurance questions. To learn how to set it up, check out: https://excaliburinsurance.ca/connect-ai/

If your a Google Home user, Aidens already set up! To access her, simply say “Ok Google: talk to Excalibur Insurance.”

In IT, one bug is all it takes

Data breaches, software failures and intellectual property disputes make the IT space as high risk as it is high reward. That’s why we think as much thought should go into your coverage as goes into your code. Learn more at: https://excaliburinsurance.ca/instashield-tech-companies/

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My agent was awesome and didn't make me feel like a number

July 3, 2019